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Monkeypox, A Misdirection Play: Dr. Malone Provides Insight To The Latest Developments [VIDEO]

Just as people were moving past the COVID-19 pandemic, a new outbreak has apparently been reported in Africa that has nothing to do with the coronavirus. On Sunday, speaking to reporters, President Joe Biden warned about the not-so-new monkeypox. For those who might not know, Scientific American defines monkeypox as “smallpox-like skin lesions, but symptoms are usually milder than those of smallpox. Flu-like symptoms are common initially, ranging from fever and headache to shortness of breath.”

While there have been 80 confirmed cases worldwide, with more being reported, Dr. Robert Malone recently explained the history of monkeypox and how the warning from the White House was nothing but fear porn. 

Speaking with Steve Bannon on The War Room, Dr. Malone, who can be seen in the video below, mocked the idea of making monkeypox a serious issue. “Misdirection play. I love the running that you have here with Tony Fauci saying, ‘We can’t frighten the American public’ is so classic, and it’s a perfect setup for today’s segment. So I just want to read a little clip that comes to us courtesy of Gavi, the Bill Gates-funded group, in which they have put their analysis of monkeypox, and they try to tie it to Ebola. I’m going to read, ‘similar to viruses like Ebola, transmission only happens in close proximity by contact with lesions, body fluids, etc..’ Then it goes on to say, ‘although symptoms often ease within a month, one case in 10 can be fatal.'”

The doctor added, “they go on to quote the World Health Organization in a biased sampling, which is cases reported to the WHO that are so severe that a nation-state feels like they have to report it. The aggregate case fatality rate is 3.7%. So how GAVI goes from 3.7, which is a worst-case scenario, to 10%, boggles my mind. This is clear fear porn. As I was in the airport listening to CNN pushing their version of fear porn, in which they were clearly showing smallpox infected patients, and including that in this statement about monkeypox.”

As for the question if monkeypox should be an issue, “is monkeypox related to smallpox? Yes, so is cowpox, which is used to vaccinate against smallpox. Historically, this was Edward Jenner. There are a number of these pox viruses that are absolutely not lethal in humans, the mortality rate in humans is less than 1%. This is only spread by close contact. All the cases so far have been, let’s say, gently men who have sex with men. And monkeypox has been endemic in Central Africa for probably the history of humankind because it resides in a number of animal species. And of the two clades of monkeypox, the one that’s circulating right now, calling it circulating, is a gross overstatement. The one that has had a few scattered cases is the least of the two in terms of its disease.”

Although Dr. Malone didn’t appear all that concerned, President Biden claimed, “Everybody should be concerned about [it].” He added, “We’re working on it. Hard to figure out what we do.”