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Naked Kids Are Fine, We Just Need To Keep Push The Climate Change Agenda – Biden Commerce Secretary [VIDEO]

Alongside their efforts to end COVID-19, Democrats have also been fighting hard against another threat to people, the nation, and world: climate change. While the Biden administration fights viruses and climate change, recently, the President’s Commerce Secretary, Gina Raimondo, was criticized for the White House wanting to allocate $7 billion to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Having to answer questions from Congress, Congressman Ben Cline asked why so much money was being spent on COVID-19 and climate change when inflation is at a record high and families are struggling with food shortages. 

In the video, which is featured below, Cline stated, “I’m interested in some of the allocations within your budget when inflation is so critical at this point.” He added, “Roughly 59 percent of the entire budget requested is dealing with climate change while Americans are struggling and seeing their paychecks shrink. A 24 percent increase over FY21 levels for NOAA doesn’t really help families put food on the table or clothes on the back at a time when inflation is at a forty-year high. Can you talk about how this massive allocation of funds helps to combat inflation, or deal with supply chain issues that you say are so important?”

Following the usual agenda, Raimondo answered, “Look, we believe climate change is an existential threat. so, you know, children won’t–forget about clothes on their back, they’re not gonna be able to have a life if we don’t deal with climate change.”

Suggesting that climate change was going to destroy humanity, Cline reiterated, “My constituents can’t forget about the need to put clothes on their kids’ backs right now. And climate change, as you say, being an existential threat, is not going to solve the problem of making sure that kids are clothed and fed and off to school.”

Not able to defend her stance, Raimondo concluded, “Inflation is real. I am not diminishing that, but these are job-creating investments, not consumption.”

On top of wanting to fight climate change, it should be noted that Raimondo will also be overseeing the Biden administration releasing $45 billion to help every American get access to the internet. “There’s more than 30 million Americans who don’t have internet. And in this day and age without high-speed internet, you can’t go to school, can’t go to the doctor, can’t do simple things. Think of how many times in a day you Google something or go online.”

Although some might not see the reasoning for billions of dollars being spent on internet, the secretary admitted, “You close the digital divide and close the opportunity divide. and we actually fulfill the American promise of giving everybody a shot at a good job, an education and health care.”