WASHINGTON, DC – Attorney Kash Patel recently delved into the controversy surrounding some handwritten notes purportedly written by former FBI Director Andrew McCabe during the investigation into then-President Trump and Alpha Bank that suggests McCabe knowingly lied about the information contained within the FISA warrant used to further the Russia hoax.

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Jan Jekielek from the Epoch Times brought up the existence of these handwritten notes apparently written by McCabe years earlier, one of which was written in March of 2017 that specifically mentions “can’t say what has occurred historically between Alpha Bank and Trump server.”

Jekielek refers to the revelation as “interesting,” to which Patel responds that the manner in which Jekielek describes the blatant admission by McCabe is “putting it mildly.”

“It’s shocking. I mean, interesting is putting it mildly. The Deputy Director of the FBI in a meeting in March of 2017 with Peter Strzok, with Tashina Gauhar, with the acting Attorney General, with Bill Priestap and others, and James Baker, the General Counsel then of the FBI is admitting in a meeting with the team running the Russia gate investigation, that there is no connection between Alpha Bank and Trump Tower.

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When did he know that? Why didn’t he testify that when I interrogated him under oath at the House Intel Committee? The fact that the Deputy Director of the FBI, who I would remind our audience with later when James Comey was fired, Andy McCabe became the Acting Director of the FBI. Andy McCabe signed the final FISA warrant as the top FBI official, which law requires before it’s taken to the FISC. And what does that mean? It means he’s verifying the authenticity and accuracy of the reporting in that FISA. And that statement that you just read show that Andy McCabe knowingly lied to a federal court.

And there are serious consequences that I just don’t know if this DOJ is going to pursue them. But going back to the facts of the underlying statement, he’s now demonstrating that he knew for whatever reasons, what we’ve shown to be true all along, there was no Alpha Bank server connection. It was a total fraud. And that goes to the heart of the Michael Sussmann case. Because Michael Sussmann, reminding our audience, is charged with lying about who his client was when he peddled the Alpha Bank information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which was run by then-Deputy Director Andy McCabe.”

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Patel later stated during the interview that these notes prove that the FBI at the highest levels were conducting this investigation into the former president on knowingly-bogus information, yet continued to give the false narrative oxygen.

“We now find out that Peter Strzok lied about the reasons why that investigation was started. And he got caught. And he got caught by his own writing and by his own documentation, and as you said, dates don’t lie. Donald Trump’s notation or tweet or whatever you want to call it about, ‘Hey, Russia,’ I think you know, and I’ll paraphrase, ‘if you’re listening, you know, let’s get some emails.’

He buried the fact that the WikiLeaks DNC leak had occurred. And that is why Donald Trump issued a statement or tweet about it in a half-joking manner. And he said, no, no, no, it’s Donald Trump, who ticked off the FBI, this guy, Alexander Downer, who’s an Australian diplomat in London, talking to Americans and saying, there’s a threat to democracy, we have to use this as justification for our investigation.

Can you imagine Jan, if a federal law enforcement agent launched an investigation on you or your family or friends, whatever the violation was, based on fraudulent information and known lies? Why should it be any different from the consequences for a guy like Peter Strzok when he launched this investigation against a candidate for president United States.

And then he carried over those lies, and I want to tie this together, those lies carried over from the start of the investigation in the summer and spring of 2016, all throughout the four FISA warrants, and these notes show in March of 2017 when this meeting occurred, and Strzok’s notes are in here that he perpetuated and continued that lie, even though he knew it was false.

He repeatedly lied to Federal officers and judicial officers at the FISA court, saying, ‘Our investigation is righteous for these reasons,’ and he got caught. Then he wrote a book and sold it, and the mainstream media let them have at it. And now John Durham has caught him lying. I think he’s got big trouble when it comes to from prosecution perspective.”

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