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Obese Bill Gates’ Little Prick & The World Hell Organization Brutally Savaged By 3X Jabbed Journo [VIDEO]

Numerous health organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and even governments aren’t done with COVID-19 as they continue to fight a virus that many have come to live with. But with the pandemic making companies like Pfizer billions and tech guru Bill Gates pushing the COVID-19 drug, it seems the government overreach might not be over as China descends into COVID-19 chaos, Gates discusses more jabs, and the World Health Organization continues to promote their outlandish ideas. 

Speaking about the relationship between the WHO and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, host Mark Dolan, as can be seen in the video below, ripped into the COVID-19 narrative, the government overreach, and the WHO. “The World Health Organization have teamed up with obese health expert Bill Gates, a billionaire tech guru with an unsettling passion for vaccines. This is a needle-wielding nerd who has penetrated more humans than Mick Jagger and Tom Jones put together. The Microsoft founder seems to be the go-to expert when it comes to pandemic control. He’s even written a book about it. Here it is, how to prevent the next pandemic.”

Dolan added, “Bill Gates admits we didn’t understand COVID had a fairly low fatality rate. What’s he on about? It was clear at the start of the pandemic in early 2020 that this was a virus which would be mild or non-existent for most and which would target vulnerable groups, the very old and those with a high body mass index, talk about rewriting history. And Gates, along with the zero-COVID zealots in the WHO, wants to create a new vaccine that stops transmission, as do the pharmaceutical industry, who anticipate another gold rush of jabs. I suggest we give up our obsession with this virus, make the vaccines that we have available to those in vulnerable groups, and let the rest of the public get on with their lives.”

As for the WHO, the political commentator explained, “The World Health Organization is in Xi Jinping’s back pocket doesn’t sound very healthy to me. They are the ones who pushed for these ruinous lockdowns inspired by the Chinese Communist Party, which were inconceivable to Western nations before the start of the pandemic, and which went against all pre-pandemic planning in the free world. In fact, one of the few countries in the world that ignored this mad policy of lockdowns were the Swedes, whose excess death rate in the course of the pandemic was actually lower than in the three years previously.”    

After completely destroying the WHO, Dolan decided to lump both Gates and the World Health Organization into the same boat, noting they should go to hell. “They are the ultimate architects of the failed policy of trying to control a respiratory virus, something that has never been attempted or achieved in human history. The scenes of madness playing out in China right now prove just that. With cats and dogs being beaten to death in the streets and millions locked in their homes, many starving and begging for food and provisions, I would love to see the World Health Organization disbanded after the damage they’ve done. The World Health Organization can go to hell.”