Firefighters who battle forest fires start by containing the fire, and then they either put it out or let it burn itself out in a safe space preventing further spread. Maybe it’s time to use a similar strategy for election fraud.

As long as we focus on “election integrity” (putting out the fire) without first containing it (jailing the perpetrators), fraud will continue to spread. We have the equivalent of an army of election pyromaniacs on the loose and our politicians think the answer is to pass new laws. How about arresting, imprisoning, and seizing the assets of the fraudsters with the laws we have right now? That should stop their mad schemes from propagating. Then we can deal with repairing the damage they’ve done to our system.

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In New York, the citizen’s group New York Citizens’ Audit (NYCA) seems to have found plenty of evidence that crimes took place during the 2020 election. They may not know the identities of the people involved but surely the first step should be to investigate and find out. As long as the persons responsible for those crimes are in a position to corrupt elections, there is no correction to the system that they can’t undo.

The good news is that proof of the crimes is so unequivocal that no further investigation is required to prove that crimes were committed. Not investigating them now is like leaving the bullet-riddled body of a man in the street because you aren’t sure who shot him. In the meanwhile, it is reasonable to expect a crowd of citizens to gather, each more outraged than the next because nothing is being done.

Last week, NYCA delivered over a dozen banker’s boxes filled with petitions for redress of grievances related to election fraud on Albany officials. According to one member of their group who was present for the delivery of those documents, they amounted to a total of about 15,000 pages. That was because each petition was 58 pages long and they had to make one for every group of signers and then make a full set of copies for each person served.

The Secretary of State didn’t want to be served. According to the attorney for the Secretary’s office, a man identified only as “Mr. Rich,” they couldn’t accept the documents because NYCA wasn’t suing the state or any town agency. Instead, they were only filing official grievances and apparently, the Secretary of State didn’t want to know what they were. “Just leave the bodies in the street,” the lawyer may as well have said, “because we don’t care.”

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A security guard on the 6th floor understood the situation. He pointed to a trash can and told one of NYCA’s representatives, “Look over here, you can serve them right here.” NYCA sent them by registered signature-required mail. Others were received without contest at the Board of Elections and the office of Soros-backed Attorney General Letitia James.

Notably, the petitions served by NYCA only covered 15 of New York’s 62 counties. In other words, more to come. The documents themselves are damning. The grievances they contain are based on official publicly available records provided by various government sources. The most notable of these are the New York State voter rolls, voter rolls supplied by individual counties (the few that followed the law by providing them), and official records published on the Secretary of State’s website.

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Of all the grievances cited, one of the more striking ones has to do with phantom voter registrations. Item 6 on their Queens County petition states:

“New York State Election Law Chapter 17, Article 5, Title 5, Section 500, paragraph 2 clearly states each voter shall be issued ‘…a registration serial number which shall be different for each voter.’ The data provided by New York State voter rolls (see 1 above) clearly shows 608,757 unique State Board of Elections Identification (SBOEID) numbers assigned to 299,920 unique voters.”

These state-issued SBOEID  numbers cannot be unique if you have more numbers than people. That means there are at least 308,837 illegal registration records on the voter rolls. The question is whether those records constitute a crime. The answer is yes, several times over.

Those registrations aren’t leftovers of old registrations that must be removed. They were crimes from the moment they were created. One man, for instance, has 11 registrations, all assigned within 24 hours of each other. At least 10 of those are outright fraudulent. At this point, cleaning up those records isn’t a remedy, it’s obstruction of justice (18 U.S. Code §1510 – Obstruction of Criminal Investigations).

A number of things must occur before an individual voter can have multiple identification numbers assigned to their personal information:

  1. An “original record” must be made, likely legitimate and connected to a real voter

  2. Any request for an additional registration (SBOEID number) must be denied on the basis of an existing number (§5-204 local registration and §N.Y. Comp. Codes R & Regs. Tit. 9 §6217.7)

  3. The original record must be duplicated (§170.10 forgery in the second degree, §190.80 identity theft in the first degree, 18 U.S. Code §1028A Aggravated Identity Theft, and §17-160 Procuring fraudulent documents in order to vote)

  4. The duplicate must be entered into the voter roll by someone with official access (§17-104 False registration, §17-106 Misconduct of election officers)

Most of these registration violations are felonies. Add them up and multiply by 308,837 apparently cloned registration records and you have over 1,000,000 felonies in registration crimes alone. If any of them were used to vote, and NYCA points out that thousands were, and you can add violations of §17-132, illegal voting. Meaning, even more felonies.

Also consider how unlikely it is that about 300,000 individual voters tried to do this and succeeded. It would be impossible without access to the rolls themselves. It is far more likely that a few people with access did this than the hundreds of thousands of people whose personal identity information was used to generate the illegal registrations.

This author is as concerned about election integrity as any other honest American. However, I am also concerned when I see no action on clear violations of the law. In New York, the voter rolls alone are enough to demonstrate that over a million felonies were committed. If that particular “fire” is to be extinguished, those crimes must be investigated and the people responsible removed from any positions of authority they now hold and punished.

The penalties for the crimes listed above range between small fines to a few years in jail. The number of counts, however, quickly make these cases into certain life imprisonment and bankruptcy-inducing fines to anyone involved. How many people were involved? How many aided them unknowingly? Who wants to take the fall for this? Surely a few whistleblowers will break the wall of silence once they become aware of how serious these crimes are.

Our elections are serious business. We must take them seriously, and seriously pursue wrongdoing when it occurs. If you want to stop election fraud, first put the fraudsters in jail. Then you can clean up the mess they leave behind.

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