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We’ve had Maria Zeee and others on this show a lot recently to talk about the WHO Pandemic Treaty, which is a bid by globalists to override the laws and constitutions of every country on earth, and make them subordinate to a global Covid World Order, a world order of lockdowns and masks and vax mandates and more.

Of course, we’ve been talking to Australians because they’ve been sounding the alarm the most about this treaty. They now what the Covid World Order looks like, because they lived through it in Australia. Australia is supposedly a “free” “democracy,” but it became as tyrannical as Communist China during Covid.

People couldn’t cross leave the country, or cross state lines, or even leave their homes. People were ordered to download phone apps to track where they were. Police would stop people in parks to inspect their coffee cups to make sure they really had coffee in them, and they weren’t just carrying a drink as an excuse to not cover their faces with an oxygen-restricting, bacteria-ridden sharia face muzzle. Soldiers armed with submachine guns terrorized sunbathers on empty beaches.

That’s the Covid world order, and if globalists have their way it will be what we have for the entire planet. So how do we stop the WHO Pandemic Treaty?

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Dr. Gaston Cornu is a practitioner of holistic and integrative medicine. He’s also an educator, public speaker, entrepreneur, and activist, and he says he knows what needs to be done, and how we can fight to remain free and he joins us now.

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