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Pfizer Knew: Jab-Induced COVID & Failure – One Billion CCP Jabs & The Alarming Timeline – Naomi Wolf [videos]

Even now, the Biden administration continues to deal with COVID-19 by encouraging people to go out and get the drug created by Pfizer. Considered to be the best way to stay safe and fight the coronavirus, the supposed miracle drug has come under intense criticism for not helping stop the spread of the virus, but instead causing people to have numerous side effects that were never mentioned by Pfizer, the FDA, who approved the drug, or the Biden administration. Having spent the last few years researching the virus and the drug, Dr. Naomi Wolf revealed the startling accusation that Pfizer knew how bad their drug was and still pushed it forward. 

Speaking on Lindell TV, as can be seen below, Dr. Wolf, the CEO of dailyclout.io stated, “Moving on to what Pfizer knew in December of 2021, one month after the rollout of the vaccine, their internal documents show three categories, none of them good. Vaccine failure is one, waning efficacy is another. And the result of having COVID as a side effect is the third. So what your takeaway should be from that, remember that the baseline for emergency use authorization, skipping ahead, bypassing all the trials is that something has to be safe and effective. So by December 2020, Pfizer knew it was not effective. And so millions of people got vaccinated, thinking it would protect them from COVID. The president said, Dr. Fauci said, Rochelle Walensky, said, ‘These vaccines will protect you from COVID’. But Pfizer knew for five months when this mantra was going, ‘It will protect you – it’s safe, it’s effective.’ They knew it did not protect you. It either would wane over time, or it wouldn’t work in the first place. Or you get COVID after having been injected.”

The doctor added, “It wasn’t till April of 2021 when a study came out from Israel saying, ‘Oh look, waning effectiveness,’ and then immediately there was a campaign for boosters and then more boosters. But Pfizer knew for those five months that it was not going to protect you and that’s really criminal because people got sick and died because they thought they were protected.”

In another video, Dr. Wolf was speaking with Steve Bannon of “The War Room” about the COVID-19 timeline and how the Gates foundation played an important role. Take a look. 

Dr. Wolf admitted, “In September of 2019, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation made a $55 million investment in BioNTech. That was before anyone knew anything about any mRNA vaccines for the COVID virus. January of 2020, when no one really knew how serious the COVID pandemic would be, or if it would be a pandemic, it was the very earliest days when the first reports were coming out about a virus out of China.”

Again, noting that Pfizer knew all along, Dr. Wolf concluded, “A month after the rollout of the vaccines, operational warp speed in the United States, the internal Pfizer documents show no efficacy, vaccine failure. They knew it didn’t work. They knew it would wane over time, even if it worked short term. And in some cases, the side effects they saw after having been injected with it were COVID. So they knew it didn’t work.”