UKRAINE – The bastion of “democracy” is seemingly at it again, as The Gateway Pundit reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has now officially signed into law the banning of political opposition parties in the country. Furthermore, the law signed by the Ukrainian president also secures a pathway to seize the property of those political parties outlawed.

Back on March 26th while in Poland, President Joe Biden delivered remarks that have been echoed by numerous politicians since the onset of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, saying, “In the perennial struggle for democracy and freedom, Ukraine and its people are on the frontlines fighting to save their nation.”

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But when one thinks of the concept and tenets of democracy, the notion of banning political parties that challenge one currently in power likely wouldn’t be among any of the things to crop up in one’s mind. Yet, Ukrainian President Zelensky has done exactly that and then some.

While the term “fascism” is one in recent years that has been ostensibly overused and inappropriately applied amidst modern political discourse, the move by President Zelensky quite literally resembles one of the core elements of fascism by way of the “forcible suppression of opposition.”

On May 14th, President Zelensky signed into law No. 7172-1, which introduces new amendments that afford more leeway to outright ban a political party from existing in Ukraine.

These new amendments would allow Ukraine to ban a political party if they either justify, recognize it as being lawfully permitted, or deny the existence of armed aggression taking place against Ukraine.

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Furthermore, these amendments also would enable the banning of a political party in Ukraine if the party dares to suggest that any portion of the ongoing conflict involving Russia or Belarus as being tantamount to an internal or civil war style debacle.

Basically, the mere hinting of there being more nuanced elements to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine outside of “Russia bad, Ukraine good” would realistically result in a political party being shut down via the courts. Following the shutdown of a political party within the country, the courts would then be able to seize the property, assets, and funds from the political party.

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This law being signed by President Zelensky is hardly shocking though, as Red Voice Media reported back in March on how President Zelensky enacted martial law to ban a total of eleven political parties within the country.

It was on March 20th that President Zelensky banned the Opposition Platform – For Life, which served as the second-highest polling political party in Ukraine, alongside ten other opposition parties. Of course, the justification for said move back in March were allegations that the aforementioned political parties bore too many ties and/or sympathizers to Russia.

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