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Rand Paul Blasts Biden Plan Labeling US Police And Military ‘White Supremacists’ [VIDEO]

While Joe Biden has signed an executive order on “police reform” and “police accountability,” many in Congress and across the nation are speaking out against his move, and, more specifically, his “police are racist” narrative. Biden went around Congress to make his own executive order, as Democrats in Congress were unable to find a middle ground and pass a bill of their own that had any support of Republicans.

In the video below, Rand Paul is seen giving a lengthy speech on why a bill regarding police and military was not something that should have support of anyone in Congress, or at least not anyone that wholeheartedly supports our nation’s police and military.

“This bill would be more accurately called the Democrat plan to brand and insult our police and soldiers as white supremacist and Neo Nazis,” Paul said. “How insulting.”

On police, Paul said, “I’ve not met one policeman who would not defend their partner, black, white, Jewish, Christian Muslim, I don’t see the kind of sort of insulting rage that the Democrats have for our police.” He added, “[This bill is] an insult to every policeman in our country. It’s an insult to the Capitol Police.

“I don’t see that everybody’s running around hating each other. I see. black officers and white officers who work together are partners who care about each other and would defend to the last breath, their partner if they were shot in the line of duty.”

Regarding military, Paul said, “I have never, I have never heard of a marine say, Oh, I’m not going to carry my fallen colleague out because he’s African American. I’ve never heard of an African American Marine say, I’m not going to carry out my fellow Marine, because they’re white.

“This is a federal task force that is going to go in and investigate our soldiers for white supremacy, I guess read their emails, read what’s thought what websites they go to, because the implication is, they’re guilty until they can prove themselves innocent. That’s what this will set up.”

“This bill,” Paul continued, “is an insult to every police officer in this country. This bill is an insult to everyone in our armed services. This bill says that the armed services have been infiltrated by white supremacy. So if you were a soldier in our country, if you’re a policeman in our country, you need to let your congressman or senator know that you are not a white supremacist, and that it is an insult for the Democrats to call you a white supremacist. It’s an insult for the Democrats to say our police force is full of white supremacy that our armed services is full of this. Everybody in this country who works in law enforcement should be outraged by this bill and should respond and say no, that’s not me. And that’s not any of my colleagues.”

South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott blasted Biden’s order [1] and explained why he felt it was a terrible move. Reportedly, Senator Scott pushed a similar bill (the JUSTICE Act) in 2020 aimed at bettering police departments around the nation, offering federal funding to bring them into compliance

“After the radical ‘defund the police’ movement helped create the current crime wave, Senator Scott said [2], “President Biden is pursuing a partisan approach to many of the exact same policy solutions I proposed in the JUSTICE Act just two year[s] ago. The fact is Democrats used a filibuster they call racist to block my reforms that they’re now embracing.”

The Senator, who, it should be noted, is the only black Republican in the Senate, said at the time that he introduced the bill in order to help rebuild trust between law enforcement and the community.

Following Biden’s order, the Senator continued, “While my proposal added funding to help local law enforcement comply with higher standards, the Democrats’ proposal sets departments up for failure by issuing unfunded federal mandates. Making it harder for police to do their jobs to the best of their ability should be a nonstarter, yet that’s exactly what the Biden plan does. I’m disappointed that the president who campaigned on unity has once again fallen into the trap of divisive politics​.”