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Rand Paul Single-Handedly Blocks Quick Passage of 40 Billion Dollars to Ukraine, Congress Hurting Americans [VIDEO]

On top of the Biden administration spending billions on COVID-19 and billions on trying to give every American internet, now it appears that the Democrats and even some Republicans attempted to approve another $40 billion in aid to Ukraine. For the last few months, Ukraine has been fighting numerous advances from Russian President Vladimir Putin. Given the time of the invasion, President Joe Biden sought to place the blame for soaring gas prices and food shortages on the invasion. But while Americans struggle to make ends meet and parents fight over baby formula, the leadership of both Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell believed the money would be better spent in Ukraine. 

While both sides of the aisle shared the attempt for more aid to Ukraine, one Republican, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, single-handedly halted the bill as he remained adamant about not supporting the measure without an inspector general appointed to oversee the funds. In the video below, Paul admitted, “No matter how sympathetic the cause, my oath of office is to the national security of the United States of America. We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the US economy.”

Although Paul is only asking for a person to be accountable for such a large sum of funds, fellow Republican McConnell stated, “Ukraine is not asking us to fight this war. They’re only asking for the resources they need to defend themselves against this deranged invasion. And they need this help right now. This conflict has direct and major consequences for America’s national security and America’s national interest.”

As for Schumer, he criticized Paul for supposedly not wanting to help Ukraine. “There is now only one thing holding us back. The junior senator from Kentucky is preventing swift passage of Ukraine aid because he wants to add, at the last minute, his own changes directly into the bill. His change is strongly opposed by many members from both parties. He is simply saying: ‘My way, or the highway.’ When you have a proposal to amend a bill, you can’t just come to the floor and demand it by fiat. You have to convince other members to back it first. That is how the Senate works.” 

Even with support from both sides, Paul reiterated, “My oath of office is to the US Constitution, not to any foreign nation. Congress is trying yet again to ram through a spending bill — one that I doubt anyone has actually read — and there’s no oversight included into how the money is being spent.”

The Senator wasn’t finished as he jumped on Twitter, writing, “While I sympathize with the people of Ukraine and commend their fight against Putin, we cannot continue to spend money we don’t have.” He added, “With a $30 trillion debt, America can’t afford to be the world’s policeman.”