I’m sure many of you already knew some of this information, but it amazes me how many don’t, especially on the left.

Anyways, JP Sears connects a few dots on the origins and purpose of Planned Parenthood and what they’re really about.

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Here are a few hints for ya:

  1. It’s not actually planned parenthood.
  2. It’s not actually family planning.
  3. It’s not actually healthcare when half of the people involved in their primary service are killed as part of their procedure.


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JP Sears: You know, looking at Planned Parenthood, it was, you know, Bill Gates’s dad, Bill Gates senior, he was a known eugenicist and the founder of the eugenics group, I believe American Society of Eugenics, American Eugenics Society.

Jim Breuer: Mmm hmm…

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JP Sears: His there, he wrote a book on it. And he says Anglo Saxons are a superior race and white people of Nordic European descent. And then you think, Okay, well, Bill Gates, that member of that society, which basically means white, they think white people are better than black people. So then Bill Gates senior becomes involved in Planned Parenthood in a huge way and running it.

Jim Breuer: Yup.

JP Sears: And then you think, Well, what’s that have to do with anything? It’s two separate things. Well, here’s the interesting thing. 86% of Planned Parenthoods are in minority neighborhoods. So this tract of are they weaponizing this? Long game, long game in order to, and there’s something hilarious about this, in order to reduce the population of minorities, which is the most richest thing you can do, but here’s the hilarious part. You ready, Jim?

Jim Breuer: Yep.

JP Sears: If this is all true, looks like the stars align. And some of them are facts. We know Bill Gates senior, we know 86% and minority neighborhoods. Then if you look at the, not the left, the left are sensible, beautiful people.

Jim Breuer: Hahahaahhha

JP Sears: The radical left. You know, blue hair fucking rage crying as a medication.

Jim Breuer: Correct. Correct.

JP Sears: If you look at them, they’re the ones who are now the biggest supporters of Planned Parenthood. So if this is all true, the people who think they are doing the most to fight racism would be doing a significant amount to propagate racism while thinking they’re doing the opposite. We’re just saying words, Jim.

Jim Breuer: We’re just saying words, you know…

JP Sears: We didn’t land on the moon

Jim Breuer: We landed there, we were there. It’s full. It’s real. We just don’t feel like going back.

You can watch the entire podcast with Jim and JP below.


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