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School Board Cuts Mama Bear’s Mic Because Her Daughter’s Assignment Was Too Graphic For The Public [VIDEO]

Due to the COVID-19 agenda and efforts to force children to wear masks for up to eight hours a day, parents were not only quick to defend their children against the outlandish mandates, but at the same time, some were astonished to find out just what was being taught to their children. Critical Race Theory, sexual orientation, and even gender identity were just a few of the topics being taught. Recently, a Las Vegas mother had her microphone cut off during the Clark County School Board meeting for using profanity. The only problem, the mother was reading from source material that her 15-year-old daughter was expected to memorize. And sadly, profanity was just the beginning. 

In the video, which is featured below, the mother stated, “I’m going to read you an assignment given to my 15-year-old daughter at a local high school. This will be horrifying for me to read to you, but that will give you perspective on how she must have felt when her teacher required her to memorize this and to act it out in front of her entire class.” 

According to the mother, it read, “’I don’t love you. It’s not you, it’s just, I don’t like your d*** – or any d*** in that case. I cheated, Joe.’”

It was at this moment, the chairwoman cut her microphone, admitting, “Forgive me, we’re not using profanity.” She added, “Please don’t engage with the audience.” This was after other concerned parents decided to speak up as well. 

Stunned, the mom asked, “If you don’t want me to read it to you, what was it like for my 15-year-old daughter to have to memorize pornographic material?” Again, her microphone was cut off. 

Not only were the children given the material to memorize, but the mother also accused the school of expecting them to act out the scenario she wasn’t even allowed to read during the school board meeting. 

As mentioned above, following the COVID-19 government overreach, parents got a glimpse into what schools were pushing on their children. At the same time, the constant attacks from parents at school boards led them to being labeled domestic terrorists for nothing more than trying to protect their children from certain ideologies that had no business being taught in the classroom. 

Sharing the video online, the popular Libs of TikTok tweeted, “A mom in @ClarkCountySch reads from a graphic assignment her daughter was required to do. Her mic then gets cut off because it’s inappropriate for a public discussion.  Adults can’t handle hearing this content yet they readily give it to kids in school. How does it make sense?”