The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and how the governments around the world reacted has not fully been seen as families continue to struggle, drug side effects are reported, and the agenda to strip citizens of their freedoms was exposed. Among the government overreach that took place, agencies and organizations like the WHO and the World Economic Forum were accused of promoting a future where the population was drastically smaller, technology and humans have integrated as one, and a one-world government ruled the entire world. 

Not the first person to accuse governments of working alongside Klaus Schwab and the WEF, Mary Holland, President of the Children’s Health Defense, explained how not only are governments pushing technology that will follow and record every moment of a person’s life, but they are also positioning the WHO to become the center of a One-World Government. Take a look. 

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Laying on the evidence against the organizations and governments, Holland said, “It’s very important that people be aware of this and they write in, they speak. They’re telling the world that they want at least 70% of people vaccinated against COVID everywhere. They want testing, they want therapeutics, they want vaccines, they want rushed vaccines, they want surveillance, they want a technocratic approach to global health. This is absolutely a threat to all national sovereignty, certainly to all of our constitutional rights. This is putting security over freedom. It’s putting technocracy over democracy. It’s putting global over local. It’s putting these in very vague terms, the right to health instead of the right to be free of government interference, the right to privacy.”

What made the claims by Holland more shocking was how she detailed training exercises for a pandemic level event even before 9/11. “So this is a very serious development, and COVID was kind of the runner up, right? And it ties back to the advertisement you just had for Bobby Kennedy’s book, the real Anthony Fauci. Chapter 12 of that book is called germ games. And it’s a really important chapter that shows us they’ve been doing these pandemic simulations about militarizing and monetizing pandemics since before 9/11. There was a dark winter exercise completely infiltrated by people from the CIA, but also global security establishments and global public health people.”

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Putting all the pieces in place, Holland concluded, “So there’s been over 20 years of these simulation exercises culminating right before COVID with event 201, which was Johns Hopkins, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Economic Forum. So people really need to understand that there is a very concerted effort to make the World Health Organization the center of a one-world government, and they call it a one health approach, which is about people, animals, and the environment.”

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