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Shocking Covid Shot ‘Shedding’ Effects: Acupuncturist Treating Vaxxed Starts Passing Parasites

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Ananda is a board-certified practitioner in Acupuncture and oriental medicine. Until recently, Ananda was running her own acupuncture clinic, but she was finally forced to shut it down thanks to severe medical problems.

Ananda believes these medical problems are the product of the deadly Covid shots being falsely sold as ‘vaccines’. Ananda is a pure blood, but thanks to her job, she is in close contact with the jabbed all the time. And Ananda believes that shedding is having a devastating, not to mention horrifying, impact on her health.

She has started to pass massive blood clots out of her body – some of them, she says, are the size of her own fist. Some of them are bizarre in appearance too, looking like they have reptilian tails or tentacles attached to them.

Ananda has somehow survived all of this, and she wants to share her story with the world. She joins us now.

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