As the Biden administration continues their narrative surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the slew of mandates and restrictions they pushed on the American people, Dr. Robert Malone, the person behind the mRNA technology, hasn’t remotely stopped his crusade to educate the public about the dangers of the COVID-19 drug. Just like the mandates, the Biden administration did everything within their power to get Americans to take the jab. First there were incentives and programs, but after that didn’t work, President Joe Biden tried to push it on the workforce. Again, that didn’t work either, but during that time, a staggering amount of people did get the jab. Only seeing the beginning stages of the COVID-19 drug side effects, Dr. Malone recently spoke about how the government was unprepared, highly destructive, and simply “didn’t do its job.”

In the video, which is featured below, Dr. Malone detailed how the FDA, which is supposed to protect the public, didn’t do many of the scientific steps put in place to protect the individual. “It goes right back to the original dossier, because the FDA treated this as if it was a normal ‘vaccine,’ whatever normal vaccine happens to be, and not like a gene therapy product, which is what it was, and they didn’t do reproductive toxicology rigorously. They didn’t do genome toxicity. They didn’t do biodistribution. They didn’t do pharmacokinetics. It goes on and on. Why didn’t they do their job?”

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While the FDA ignoring steps is frightening, the doctor continued, declaring the government and mainstream media were now trying to downplay the side effects being seen. “And there’s this bizarre attempt and I don’t know how to label it. It’s the combination of censorship and propaganda to somehow convince the public that clinical myocarditis can be mild, and that this is something that children recover from what I’m hearing from frontline cardiologists.”

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Dr. Malone added, “The event horizon of death and damage from this is not going away. It’s behaving more like the classic profile of myocarditis, which has a five-year mortality [rate] of something like 15 to 20%.”

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Although the facts and data are hard to contradict, the government remains silent on the matter, but according to Dr. Malone, this is the only option they have. “How could the US government ever admit to the sins and harms that have been caused? How could they ever admit to their obvious role in funding the Wuhan laboratory? How could they ever do that? The financial burden of coming to grips with what has been done here would be huge. It would shake the entire government.”

The entire interview with Dr. Malone can be watched below. 

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