Soooo, the guy who stands to profit from more ‘vaccine’ sales says there’s a big bad and scary new thing coming that will help him and his coconspirators sell more jabs.

Have you ever heard the expression about asking an insurance salesman if you need more insurance?

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Always remember that compensation drives behaviors.

Anyways, Luke Rudkowski goes off on the alleged Microsoft founder…


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“His larger extortion effort saying hey there’s going to be a worse COVID. Trying to fear monger. Of course, that’s promoted as. Of course, he’s not only in fake meat, he’s not only in mass farming, he’s not only in Monsanto. He’s not only a huge proponent of larger disasters that he helped create, but he’s also in the vaccine business. And when you’re in the vaccine business, you need to sell some fucking vaccines. What’s the best way to sell some vaccines? Scare the shit out of people and this is why Bill Gates a couple days ago just said that we’re we haven’t seen the worst of COVID yet that there’s going to be a more fatal transmissive Coronavirus variant.

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SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING lying pieces of shit, as of course, there’s ample evidence with his influence over this entire saga, which he had power and money invested in. When you look at the World Health Organization, John Hopkins University, Dr. Fauci, NIH, the CDC, the BBC media, he had everyone in their fucking pockets. And he could have engineered all of this bullshit himself. When you look at the larger gain of function research.

There’s a thing in the scientific community called the bill chill, which is the reluctance of many scientists to actually study any negative consequences of anything related to Bill Gates or his investments or his money because if you criticize him, or you make Bill Gates look bad, he will cut funding from your, of course, your scientific institutions, and you will be fucked. You’ll be kicked out, kicked out on the streets, and be absolutely homeless. If you dare to question Bill Gates in the scientific community. Fuck this motherfucker and the horse he rode in on.

This is a situation ripe for disaster that has all of the fingerprints of Bill Gates on there. Again, fake meat is not the only thing he wants inside of you. He wants you jabbed with a rushed experimental gene therapy that has had some negative consequences for a lot of people that are not being reported on the world stage. And his latest fear-mongering efforts are really to try to shore up profit, power, and control over the population as he believes that there’s too many people in this world. That we need to stop this immediately. This is actually very interestingly, the opposite on understanding of Elon Musk, who says that we’re reaching a civilization crisis. And at this particular point, I absolutely agree with Elon Musk and his criticisms of the larger crash of populations that’s going to lead to a very serious problem for future civilizations in the upcoming future. I 100% agree with Elon Musk here. The data the science that he talks about absolutely makes sense. The data the science that Bill Gates usually talks about usually has the receipts that he paid for them.” – Luke Rudkowski

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