WASHINGTON, DC – According to reports, an FBI supervisory special agent admitted that he and another agent were able to conclude within 24 hours that the allegations about former President Trump having ties to the Russian financial institution Alfa Bank were unfounded.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Scott Hellman was on the stand on May 17th for the trial against Democrat attorney Michael Sussmann, where the FBI agent claimed that when he was presented with the now-debunked Trump-Russia claims back in 2016, it took him and a colleague less than a day to realize the claims were meritless.

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Of course, history shows that these claims of Trump and Russia were certainly pushed by the media, officials, and Democrats well beyond the 2016 election – but the FBI knew within a day it was, for lack of a better term, trumped up.

As Red Voice Media has previously reported, Sussmann is on trial for the infamous September 2016 meeting with an FBI agent where he allegedly lied about not representing any clients when handing off the bogus Trump-Alfa Bank nonsense.

When Special Agent Hellman went into detail regarding he and his supervisor’s review of the information handed off by Sussmann during that 2016 meeting, he stated that the handed over drives and documents came packaged with a “narrative” alleging some sort of “secret communication channel” between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank.

Yet, when the FBI assessed the same data used to drum up the handed over narrative, Special Agent Hellman stated, “We did not agree with the conclusion…that this represented a secret communication channel.”

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The FBI special agent didn’t stop there either, as he added, “Whoever had written that paper had jumped to some conclusions that were not supported by the data. The methodology they chose was questionable to me.”

Basically, the FBI special agent said the whole Alfa Bank conspiracy was nonsense from top to bottom, stating, “I did not feel that they were objective in the conclusions that they came to. The assumption that you would have to make was so far-reaching that it just didn’t make any sense.”

Nonetheless, at the time of Special Agent Hellman and his supervisor drawing that conclusion years earlier, he still had to draft up his report and hand the matter off to an FBI office in Chicago who would be taking a look into the bogus Trump-Russia allegation.

According to Special Agent Hellman’s testimony, he had “no involvement in the investigation” after it was handed off to the Chicago office but did maintain contact with agents posted who and heard from his colleagues that “Chicago had looked at the data further and they agreed with our assessment…that there was no secret communications channel between the Trump Organization and Russia.”

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