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The Biden Crime Family Business Gets Exposed, Joe Says You Shouldn’t Assume He’s Not Corrupt [VIDEO]

Throughout Biden’s time in the White House, there have been numerous accusations thrown at him that his administration simply ignores. One of the most controversial claims was that Hunter Biden’s supposed laptop revealed a dark past when it came to the Biden family and the Communist party in China. While President Joe Biden was adamant he knew nothing about his son’s dealing, the Russian propaganda was authenticated and once again, America turned its eyes to the White House. The only problem, as already mentioned, the Biden administration simply doesn’t address it. So, hoping to educate voters on the man currently running the country, Fox News’ Jesse Watters decided to expose the Biden family by using their own past and words against them. 

In the video, which can be watched below, Watters explained how the Biden family got their start thanks to Biden working alongside former President Barack Obama. “The Biden household has always been about making a quick buck. Over the years, as power grew so did the money. It really all kicked off in 2013, when the Biden family business picked up steam after Vice President Biden boarded onto Air Force Two destined for Beijing, China. Alongside him, was the smartest man he knew, his son Hunter, who was on the trip strictly for business that day. He was about to start up the Biden family global affair.

“And what better time to launch it than when you have the Vice President of the United States ready at your disposal. Hunter, being the opportunist that he is, set up an introduction between his dad, the Vice President, and a shady Chinese businessman named Jonathan Lee in a Chinese hotel lobby. That meeting was as sweet as apple pie. The two shook hands and it was later described as a good social meeting. And the reward was even better. Just like that. The Biden family was offered a $20 million fortune 10 years later, a full 10% stake in a Chinese finance company directly backed by the Communist Party.”

That wasn’t all as Watters presented a clip of Biden speaking years ago about how he may be corrupt. The now-President once told voters, “Well I’m not sure you should assume I’m not corrupt. But thank you for that, though. The system does produce corruption. And I think implicit in the system is corruption when in fact, whether or not you can run for public office, and it costs a great deal of money to run for the United States Senator from a small state like Delaware, you have to go to those people who have money, and they always want something.”

While all of D.C. appears to have forgotten, the host concluded, “A lot of money flows in if you just meet the shadiest people you could find around the globe. There’s always a sketchy billionaire who wants to blow money on the most powerful family in Washington. And if you’re a Biden, you do what Biden’s do best. You take the bait and rake in that pretty penny. Or better yet, you take in millions of dollars, and you don’t ever look back.”