If you haven’t taken the time to watch 2000 Mules yet, like seriously, do you even care about the future of America?

The evidence and data are that serious.

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Gregg Phillips from True The Vote breaks down what it’s all about.


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So for the last year, I guess since we first socialized this in Georgia, we’ve been dealing with haters on all sides. As Catherine said, the data is immutable. You can complain all you want, maybe about our methods or about our hypotheses or whatever. But our methods were strong. The hypotheses were proven. And the data itself is immutable. And then, even if you don’t believe your lying eyes on that, then just go look at the video. I mean, okay, so if I can show you that some guys up there, you know, putting all these ballots in the video, and I can show you the pings. And then we can show you where he did it again, and again, and again and again. It really takes, you know, an extraordinary person with an agenda. That’s probably not America’s agenda. To say, I don’t believe that. I’ve taken lately to saying that, you know, it’s not about, we’ve had all, I grew up in sort of, in and around Republican politics. And I’ve done lots of things on the right. But we’ve had as many people on the right come out and really bang on us about this stuff. And you know, you’re going to hurt the party, you’re going to hurt this. You’re going to hurt that, and I said to some reporter last week, and I’ll say, I’ll continue to say it. This isn’t about Republicans. This is about the Republic. We have to save the Republic. – Gregg Phillips

He’s spot-on, in my opinion. This isn’t about Donald Trump and/or Joe Biden. It’s about the future of our republic, The United States of America.

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“The party is already hurt. No one in the party stood up for the truth that this election was stolen. I will never forgive the GOP for this.”

“Trump Won… The LYING cheating democrats STOLE AND CHEATED … THEY’RE SCUM OF THE EARTH.”

“A lot of useful idiots on both sides. I’m amazed how many Republicans are more worried about tribal politics and embracing Fox “News” than about logic and our Republic.”

“Voter integrity is not a left-right issue, and RINOs have been pushing for patriots to focus on 2022 and forget 2020. Whether one loves, hates, or is mixed on Trump, the bottom line is the Republic is in danger and threatens the entire populous, not just San Francisco or the deepest south of Alabama.”

“Yep, it’s about the REPUBLIC, not all this dam democracy shit plain and simple. This is the Republic of the USA, not the democracy of the United States.”

“There are many extraordinary liars among the Democrats and RINOs and lots of money to keep them under control.”

You can watch the entire interview here.



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