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The Deliberate Destruction of the United States: It’s the One Power Left That Stands in the Way of Globalism [VIDEO]

Dr. Peter Breggin, the famed reformer known as “the conscience of psychiatry,” joined Arthur Moore of WND for an in-depth interview, but there was one part that really stood out to me.’

Take a look at what he has to say about the Biden administration and friends.


“The U.S. is the one power that stands in the way of globalism. It’s the only country left really that has a core of citizens. I think it’s probably half the country who are patriotic, who love their nation, who have a religion, Judeo Christian traditions, and I’m Jewish. Many of the people who I’m working with are Christians who really believe that God doesn’t intend us to be run by the Communist Chinese or Bill Gates or any combination of these western and eastern predators. And so, everything they do is tailored to harming the sovereignty of the U.S. And if things seem to baffle people now, you know, why would they want the borders open? Why would they not inoculate? You know that they’re gonna make us all take these injections, but not the people who are coming across? You know, why would they shut down oil production in the US and the pipelines right when we were finally getting to be the, you know, the leading oil producer in the world. And all of it is about these people, even when they’re American born, like Bill Gates, or Fauci, or some of the people we’ll talk about here today. They do not favor America as the leading country in the world. They don’t see it as exceptional. Many of them much prefer the top-down authoritarianism of China. And many of them, including pretty much most of our billionaires, maybe with the exception of one of our top 10 billionaires, they have spoken up in favor of Communist China and praised the handling of the COVID 19 and criticized Trump, and so on and so forth. Not that we hold him Trump harmless and also eventually caving into this.” – Dr. Peter Breggin

The people, not the billionaires or government, will save all of us from these power-hungry globalists. YOU are one of these people, right?

Anyways, check out this comment I saw in response to this short video clip…

“Trump was the wild card these communist punks in office illegitimately got put on a 4-year hold of this Globalist BS. The whole illegal and unconstitutional mRNA gene therapy forced injection wasn’t from Trump unknowingly giving into Fauci and Birx. He had mistakenly put Mike Pence in charge of it, who ultimately allowed the corrupt and flip-flop $cience to overrule the public health policy leader who resigned after being overridden repeatedly by Fauci and Birx. That later enabled the communist in chief Biden to pull his nutty tyrannical and illegal/unconstitutional jab mandates for all patriots and service members. But he allows the illegal immigrants to be healthier without the jab. Trump was fully against the Globalist BS Biden has been in bed with for decades, but Biden undid that on day 1 of his illegitimate administration.”

What’s your take on the above comment?

You can see the full interview with Arthur Moore and Dr. Peter Breggin by clicking on the link below…

The Deliberate Destruction of the United States to Install a One-World Government: Dr. Peter Breggin Joins Arthur Moore [VIDEO INTERVIEW] [1]