Announcing his run back in 2021, Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is most famously known for his television show “Dr. Oz,” decided it was time for him to enter the political arena. At the time, the doctor claimed the real reason for him running was due to the country being under attack. “America is in crisis, that’s not news. Our values are under attack. So, I want to serve America in its time of need. I think I can do that by running for the U.S. Senate seat in the state of Pennsylvania.” While Dr. Oz might be running under the GOP party, Infowars’ Owen Shroyer recently detailed how the doctor’s run for D.C. could be nothing more than a plant to keep another Republican, Kathy Barnette, from the Senate. 

In the video, which is featured below, Shroyer detailed the many stances taken by Dr. Oz and how he doesn’t even a little bit fit the mold for the GOP. At the same time, Barnette has been a fierce opponent, not so much targeting Dr. Oz, but focusing on the numerous problems facing America due to the Biden administration. 

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Giving his take on the matter, Shroyer admitted, “It appears to me Dr. Oz is a plant to keep Kathy Barnett out of office. Now, whether that was the original intention or not, I’m not sure. But it all comes back to the issues I have with the Republican Party. There is no organization. There’s no talent scouting. There’s no political tactics at all. If you really think Dr. Oz is gonna be a good Republican and you want him in office, okay, fine. But how you could smother a potential champion for the Republican Party like Kathy Burnett, is pathetic.”

As for Barnette, she recently criticized Joe Biden for his upcoming speech about inflation. “More rambling, more putting that hand out to shake imaginary people. Who knows what Biden is going to do? But we know, and I’m sure your listeners are fully aware, of Milton Friedman when he said inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon, meaning it’s the Federal Reserve’s fault, right? But I think it’s very interesting that now we’re all pivoting, looking to the Federal Reserve to fix what the Federal Reserve has, for the most part, broken.”

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The candidate added, “And again, in the Senate, it is their responsibility to provide that kind of clarity on clarifying the mandate of the Federal Reserve to stabilize the U.S. dollar. That is really how we go to the root cause of this inflation, as well as the massive spending – stop passing all of these omnibus bills and get to work for the people.”

For now, Barnette is behind Dr. Oz 24.5% to 23.2% in the polls.

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