From a simple lockdown that was meant to last no longer than two weeks, the coronavirus has not only surged all over the world but changed humanity during the process. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, governments instituted outlandish mandates, protocols, and restrictions that appeared designed to strip away at citizen’s freedom more than fight the coronavirus. And even though the pandemic may be over and people are able to drop the masks, the fallout from the government overreach and several other organizations like the World Economic Forum is still playing out. 

If there was one name that rose to stardom thanks to COVID-19, it would be the World Economic Forum. Over the years, the forum and its founder, Klaus Schwab, have hinted at a future where technology and humans are integrated, the population is smaller, and the few hold control. 

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In the video, which is featured above, COVID-19 critic and the man behind the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, detailed how the WEF achieved status by placing key members into positions of power. “They [WEF graduates] have been intentionally inserted [into government] in order to serve the interests of these 100 large corporations that fund this trade organization. That’s what we’re dealing with. Now, there’s a word for that… Mussolini is credited with the statement that fascism really should have been called corporatism. Fascism is the fusion of the interests of the state and the corporation.” 

One of the major claims, as mentioned above, was how the WEF praised the idea of humans and machines becoming one. Making humans hackable, according to Dr. Malone, wasn’t at the level the WEF claimed. “The truth is that the technology [to hack human beings] is far more immature than we’re being led to believe. This is basically more fear porn. Okay? And as I listened to the words and I read the book ‘COVID-19: The Great Reset,’ what I’m struck by is how immature the logic is and how faulty the science is. What is being asserted as truth, strategy, and current technology capabilities, is a fantasy. And then I have to process, ‘Okay, are these people stupid?'”

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Dr. Malone added, “I know intimately at the bench, year after year after year, with multiple different technologies, that these technologies are not capable of the task that is being asserted …” Take a look. 

Still, having watched the pandemic and COVID-19 agenda play out, Dr. Malone admitted that the whole system was corrupt. “There have been norms established … concerning clinical ethics, clinical research, and regulatory norms, which have been grossly breached throughout this outbreak. And I plead with you. I hear it all the time in my travels. ‘What’s happened?’ Physicians are completely corrupt. The whole medical system is corrupt. The hospitals are corrupt. The HHS and the United States are corrupt.”

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