The idea that former President Donald Trump was working alongside the Russian government and President Vladimir Putin was first presented by Michael Sussman, who just so happened to be working for the Hillary Clinton campaign at the time. Still, that little detail didn’t appear to matter as the FBI took the claims seriously. The accusations against Trump only escalated as the mainstream media pushed the narrative, and even Clinton started to support the theory openly. But now that John Durham has investigated the matter and Sussmann on trial, it appears the efforts by the former prosecutor could not only crush Clinton, but the DNC, former President Barack Obama, and current President Joe Biden. 

Speaking on the Megyn Kelly show, Devin Nunes, the CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, discussed the current status of the trial and what Durham called a joint venture to defraud the government. He said,  “I believe what Durham is essentially doing here is it’s really going to put Sussman who’s, you know, top one of the top lawyers on the Clinton campaign, does he and will he take the fall for the Clinton campaign and the DNC. I think that’s what we’re gonna witness here, we’re gonna see.

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“My guess is that Sussman is probably betting well. He has kind of two ways to go. He can bet his life on a DC jury, which is probably going to be favorable to him, maybe he’ll get off. We’ve seen what they’ve done to others. Or he would have to give up the goods on all of these cast of characters, which would take down the entire DNC, the Clinton campaign, even Obama and Biden himself. And these dirty cops at the DOJ because we know there were top-level people at the DOJ and FBI that clearly were involved in this.”

As for the strategy taken by Sussmann, Nunes explained, “I guess right now, he thinks his best chances with the DC jury because clearly, they were all in on it. It was a conspiracy. Durham knows it. There’s plenty of circumstantial evidence that we uncovered with our 14 criminal referrals that we made. Durham just has so much more now. And it’ll be interesting. If he does. He’s got some cooperating witnesses. So for those of us who had our lives really were upended by this whole fiasco. And it’s not just me, but it’s people that I worked with.”

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While the CEO admitted the damage had been done, he added, “Here in the next couple of weeks, if this trial does move forward, jury selection is happening today. There’s gonna be some interesting witnesses, including someone who had a couple that have immunity from both Fusion GPS, which was hired to put all this together and then from this tech company that was doing the spying. So that’s going to be fascinating testimony.” 

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