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THIS IS IT: They’re Coming For 2A, Monkeypox: Cover-Up For VAIDS, Venomous Bioweapon BOMBSHELL

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Wednesday, May 25th, The Stew Peters Show brings a NEW Full-Show with some INCREDIBLY hot takes! Stew Peters addresses the HORRIFIC happening of a Texas School shooting, and more.

“The Covid vaccines are NOT a viable and SAFE method to be used to contain and end this pandemic”. This quote is from Dr. Tau Braun in the form of a letter to the FBI back in June of 2021, warning them of the deadly effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Should parents attempt to STOP all vaccines for children? Is there foreseeable justice for Pfizer fraud? Are the JABBED spreading HIV/AIDS to their partners? This Wednesday, Dr. Jane Ruby answers these three questions and MORE!

Dr. Stella Immanuel joins The Stew Peters Show to address the truth of how MonkeyPox is transmitted! The theory that MonkeyPox is a cover up for VAIDS is shocking, and Karen Kingston joins The Stew Peters Show to explain it in depth!

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