In Ohio, the debate around transgenderism, gender identity, and sexual orientation have taken over the House as Bill 454, which would ban gender-affirming care for minors, moves to be voted on. While parents have been viciously outspoken about such issues being taught to their children in schools, the Democrats and liberal activists have been adamant about protecting children and letting them blossom into who they really are. On top of banning gender-affirming care, the SAFE (Save Adolescents from Experimentation) Act would also punish any healthcare provider caught breaking the new law,  if passed. Although Democrats have been vocal on the matter, recently, a perspective was given from a former transgender youth. 

Hoping to convey some of the dangers of pushing transgender ideology on children, Helena Kerschner, as can be seen in the video below, recalled her story of hormones and the mental stress she put on herself at such a young age. “I was convinced that I was transgender for five years. I wore men’s clothes, I used the men’s restroom, I legally changed my name to a male name, and I injected testosterone into my own thigh on a weekly basis. I was one of those trans youth that activists claimed to support. But since I was harmed by gender medicine, I am now reduced to just a bigot. My mental health no longer matters to these people who purport to care so much, because I no longer identify as trans. But the truth is, I don’t hate anybody.”

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Not focusing on her past, Kerschner called for attention to be put on the children. “There are young people like me out there who, despite their convictions that body modification will save their lives, deserve a chance to be seen as whole, complex people and actually grow up, grow into themselves, and be guided to appreciate their healthy bodies and all the blessings that a healthy body will get. That is what true compassion is. Seeing any young person who calls themselves trans as just another trans person who needs to be put on the gender transition conveyor belt is not compassion.”

As mentioned above, the issue of transgenderism hasn’t just been a hot topic in Ohio as in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis banned all sexual orientation or gender identity from being taught from kindergarten to the third grade.

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Still, Kerschner said, “I know this is a politically heated issue, but I just asked the committee to put all that aside and get in touch with the human aspect. Humans are more complicated than this story about gender identity and transitioning is letting on. You know, a child or a teenager cannot consent to lifelong consequences, regardless of what they say, or what the adults around them, who are involved in activism, say. Do the right thing, even if it’s unpopular, and protect the young and vulnerable with your vote in favor of Bill 454.”

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