With COVID-19 cases in America once again on the rise, the Biden administration has constantly promoted the COVID-19 drug. Throughout the pandemic, President Joe Biden urged people that it was the safest way to protect from the coronavirus. But at the same time, COVID-19 cases continued to soar as the supposed “vaccine” didn’t stop the virus from being contracted or spread. Still, that did little to hurt the pharmaceutical companies behind the drug, like Pfizer. They made billions in profits while Americans struggled to make ends meet. And even today, the Democrats are asking for billions more in funding to fight COVID-19. To date, the American government has spent over 3 trillion hoping to defeat the coronavirus. 

While the White House pushed its COVID-19 agenda, Dr. Robert Malone, an expert, and inventor behind the mRNA technology, recently sat down to discuss the drug and the side effects being reported. Take a look. 

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What makes the entire narrative around the COVID-19 jab so frightening is the fact that Dr. Malone, as can be seen in the video below, noted how Pfizer knew about the harmful side effects and did nothing about it. Not only were they silent, but the doctor also added they had documentation to prove it. “Disclosing to patients fully and completely what the potential risks are [is a staple of medical ethics], and we now have clear documentation that those risks were known, they were extensive, and information about those risks were withheld.”

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It wasn’t just Pfizer that Dr. Malone believed should be held accountable, as the more he looked into the narrative, the more companies and agencies he found were involved. “[The GAO Report and Pfizer Documents show] that a lot of the propaganda and information that’s been pushed on us about vaccine efficacy and safety is fraudulent. I don’t know how else to say it. That is the legal word for when you know you are saying things that are not true.”

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The doctor also discussed the backlash many who are hesitant have received. It wasn’t that long ago that President Biden tried to force the COVID-19 drug on America’s workforce. On top of that, there have been countless stories of people being turned away, kicked out, and mocked for simply waiting for the science. Dr. Malone admitted, “We declare that first amendment violations and medical censorship by government technology and media companies should cease, and the Bill of Rights should be upheld. This is fundamental. You know, we believe in the Constitution. This isn’t radical. You know, if we’re right-wing Nazis because we believe in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, then something is seriously wrong with how the press is positioning all this information.”

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