While Dr. Anthony Fauci positioned himself on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, advising the Biden administration and supporting numerous mandates, restrictions, and the supposed miracle vaccine, at the same time, Dr. Robert Malone, the man who created the mRNA technology, has been viciously outspoken about the potential side effects reported by people who received the jab. On top of that, the doctor has also noted the constant attempts by Pfizer, the government, and several other organizations to cover up the number of deaths related to the COVID-19 drug. 

Discussing the amount of fraud that surrounded the COVID-19 jab, Dr. Malone, as seen in the video below, admitted that only one variable can be used when dissecting the data. “If you parse the data by age, and plot it over time, what you see is a series of rises and falls, and all-cause mortality, which in the end, because there’s been so much data manipulation by the CDC and withholding data, it’s like the only valid indicator that we can use right now is all-cause mortality.

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And the spikes in all-cause mortality, again and again, correspond with spikes in vaccine uptake in countries all over the world. And they are way off scale in terms of the norms in changes in all-cause mortality that’s been seen historically.”

Dr. Malone added, “And so the insurance industry is picking it up. And they’re also having to pick up the tab. And it’s looking like it’s going to have a significant impact on their bottom line and on their actuarial tables. And these are data that can’t be manipulated and hidden by a federal agency. As you point out, all-cause mortality is the ultimate outcome.”

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While all-cause mortality might be the best way to review the data,  the doctor explained how government agencies and research groups manipulate that number. “It’s always been a required outcome in any clinical trial for the reason that sometimes you have adverse events that you don’t think of, and you say, ‘Oh, it couldn’t possibly be related, you know, oh, he got hit by a truck.’ Well, that’s not vaccine-related, right? Well, what if the vaccine has caused somebody to have mental problems, brain fog, and they happen to walk across the crosswalk, and you know, and subject themselves to greater risk or when they’re driving?

You would say, ‘Oh, they got hit by a car that’s not vaccine-related,’ when in fact, it could be vaccine-related. So my point is only that all-cause mortality is the one variable that you can measure in any clinical research and should because it doesn’t carry the bias of causation.”

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