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Ushering In Tedros As Health Dictator Of The World: Biden’s Treasonous Set Of Amendments Sells Out The Sovereignty Of Mankind [VIDEO]

Now that many people are noticing the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t the humanity killer the Democrats made it out to be, the agendas and narratives surrounding the restrictions and mandates are coming to the surface. With each passing week there appears to be a new study about the dangers of the COVID-19 drug, discussions on the government overreach that took place, and the constant videos coming out of China showing their zero tolerance COVID-19 policy. With the world still learning the potential side effects from the pandemic on the economy and mental health, Dr. Peter Greggin recently spoke with Steve Bannon about how President Joe Biden is turning America into a third world country and relinquishing power to the WHO. 

Appearing on “The War Room” with Bannon, Dr. Greggin revealed that thanks to amendments by the Biden administration, the World Health Organization might be given power over America. In the video below, the doctor said, “If the amendments pass on May 22 through May 28, [WHO Director-General Tedros] can declare a health emergency in a country without consulting with the country, without getting any information from the country, and if the country resists, he can go ahead and, within 24 to 48 hours, begin to mobilize all the resources of the UN against the country… He doesn’t even have to know the source or the exact nature of the emergency, so they’re making him a dictator over declarations of health emergencies.”

And it wasn’t just the WHO, Dr. Greggin added that the world banks are also part of the UN. “And the world bank is a part of the UN. So is the IMF, they could put pressures on the country financially in that manner. So this is a treasonous set of amendments, that is part of the Joe Biden, ‘Let’s Level America.’ So we are absolutely not exceptional, so that we are like another one of the countries of the world, a third world country. It’s extremely disruptive, it is totally against everything we stand for in the United States.”

The doctor didn’t just rely on his voice as he also wrote an article [1] on the amendments, explaining how the vote could be stopped. “The existing WHO regulations then provide for an 18-month grace period during which a nation may withdraw its ‘yes’ vote for amendments, but the current proposed amendments would reduce that opportunity to six months. If the U.S.-sponsored amendments are passed, a majority of the nations could, in the next six months, change their individual votes and reverse the approval. But this is a much more difficult proposition than stopping the whole process now.” 

Dr. Greggin declared, “We must act now to prevent the passage of the amendments, including putting sufficient pressure on the United States to withdraw them from consideration. If that fails, and the amendments are approved at the May meeting of the WHO governing body, we must then make the effort to influence a majority of the nations to change their votes to ‘no.’”