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It’s been a month and a half since we brought Dr. Brian Ardis’s venom theory of Covid to the masses with “Watch the Water”. Since then more than seven million people have viewed that documentary on Rumble, and millions more have watched it through other means. But while Dr. Ardis may have popularized the theory, he may not have been the first person to think of it.

Doctor Tau Braun is a U.S. counterterrorism and emergency management advisor and expert. He recently drew our attention to a letter he sent to the FBI. We’re going to read an excerpt to you right now. Quote: “The Covid vaccines are not a viable and safe method to be used to contain and end this pandemic. Covid Vaccines rely on the use of the SARS2 Spike Protein. The Spike Protein is highly toxic and lethal on its own (without the viral component), it poses a biological and environmental threat that has the potential to lead to a much higher death toll than we have already experienced during this pandemic. The Spike Protein has numerous “fingerprints” pointing to a manufactured biological weapon, it can be aerosolized and can easily be deployed as a chemical weapon with devastating short term and long term impacts. SARS2 was rapidly labeled a respiratory disease. However, my research has revealed that the primary destructive mechanism of SARS2 and the S-Protein is an envenomation.”

Unquote. “Envenomation” means “being injected with venom.” Dr. Braun sent this letter to the FBI all the way back in June of 2021. In the same letter, he says we are under the worst regime of scientific censorship and propaganda since the Nazis in World War 2. He also calls Covid and the vaccination campaign “the largest mass killing in U.S. history,” more than a hundred times worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined.

With everything that has happened in the past couple years, more recently Dr. Braun has been arguing that the “U.S. government is gone.” What exactly does he mean by that? Well, let’s ask him directly. Dr. Tau Braun joins us.

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