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Watch Biden’s Ministry Of Truth Czar Push Propaganda & Disinformation About Who Is Being Silenced [VIDEO]

For the past few years, the Democrats have hurled the accusation that the GOP was trying to rewrite history regarding certain topics like slavery and race. At the same time, activists stormed parks and buildings, demanding that controversial statues be taken down. Even schools and libraries were renamed due to a historical figure’s beliefs in the past. The movement to eradicate supposed extremism didn’t stop there, as eventually, former President Donald Trump was censored, de-platformed, and accused of harboring violence. But although Trump being censored was documented and activists destroying history was filmed, it seems the head of the new “Disinformation Governance Board” believes liberals are the ones being silenced. 

While that might sound confusing to some, a video was uploaded, which can be watched below, where Nina Jankowicz accused social media platforms of silencing liberals. Again, it has been well-documented and discussed the wave of censorship that has hit conservatives across the country. Still, not making a joke, Jankowicz suggested,  “There’s already this idea, this allegation, that there is anti-conservative bias on the platforms, even though there has been study after study proving in fact that often it is liberal voices that are being silenced, particularly minority voices on social media. So I think we are going to see more allegations of that.”

Although her words might be shocking to some, it should be noted this isn’t her first outrageous claim. During the height of the Hunter Biden laptop story, Jankowicz said that it was nothing more than Russian disinformation that was being promoted by the Trump campaign. The idea that Trump would work alongside the Russian government wasn’t a new accusation brought against the former President. In 2016, after Hillary Clinton lost, she also pushed the idea of a Russia/Trump partnership. 

The new director has also taken to protecting Vice President Kamala Harris from the mountain of criticism. Discussing Harris and the backlash she had received, Jankowicz stated that it was not only racist and sexist but somehow a “threat to democracy.” 

Users online weren’t buying her claims as one wrote, “This person is a liar, and they want to force their ‘truth’ on everyone. Everybody in the Joe Biden cabinet is likely trrrreeeaaasssssoooonnnnoooouuuuussssss. Let it roll off your tongue.”

Another user added, “If want to call white conservatives who believe in free speech a minority class, then sure.”

And one explained, “For sure, study after study, all completed by her or her clones. They think people on the right are as stupid as those on the left, but we are not.”