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We Don’t Need An International Fauci – WHO Treaty Under Fire, A Discredited Corrupt Organization [VIDEO]

If you haven’t noticed yet, Joe Biden’s Regime is nowhere near America First, in fact, his actions show that he’s America Last.

This move with the World Health Organization is just one of the latest examples. He’s attempting to put The Chinese Communist Party’s interests ahead of The United States Of America.

Will Cain and Eric Schmitt, the Attorney General of Missouri break it down.


Will Cain: What’s it all about? What should we fear here?

Eric Schmitt: Well, I think the first thing is take a step back and the World Health Organization is a discredited corrupt organization. That’s number one. I mean, they work with the Chinese Communist Party to hide the origins of COVID. To not talk about its spread. It was a total disaster and President Trump was right to have us withdraw from that. Joe Biden got us back in. And now Joe Biden wants to cede authority for quote, unquote, public health emergencies, whatever that is, to the World Health Organization. And we know that the pathway to tyranny is paved with these emergency orders. And what we learned during COVID is that ceding this authority even in this country to unelected bureaucrats that would have control over our civil liberties and how we live our lives is a huge mistake. It’d be even a bigger mistake to cede that to these international authorities. We don’t know who they are, you know, Anthony Fauci, you know, bad enough. We don’t need an international Fauci. We don’t need a Swiss Fauci. So we’ve got to stand up to this to make sure America retains its sovereignty on these issues and not cede in to this globalist organization.

Will Cain: Yeah, so it’s odd, right, the party in the ideologues who, guys, everything right now in defense of democracy now seem to be moving us towards away from democracy away from citizen control and input towards this ability of the WHO to have a say over our domestic policy with a simple declaration. But here’s the key, you started to put it there. It’s not even in the end, the WHO who calls the shots because we know from the prior pandemic, the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party calls the shots at the WHO, so we outsource our decision making to the CCP.

Eric Schmitt: Right. And by the way, this is the pathway to international vaccine passports. Its the pathway to international mask mandates, the stuff that they couldn’t get done before they can get done much easier. And by the way, public health emergencies aren’t limited to pandemics, according to this. You know, you’ve got John Kerry talking about climate change being an emergency now. And we certainly don’t need people in Geneva telling people in Greene County, Missouri, what cars they can drive, how many miles they can drive it. America was founded on the idea of individual rights. That we can make our own decisions, not collectivism, and certainly not this kind of international globalist collectivism.