While former President Donald Trump is still a mystery when it comes to his future plan in D.C., today, he faces a test of his strength within the GOP. With primaries in both Pennsylvania and North Carolina, Trump has two candidates he endorsed who could potentially affect his status with the Republicans. In North Carolina, Representative Ted Budd is expected to win easily against the field of GOP hopefuls. But in Pennsylvania, Trump has focused his attention on Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz. That’s right, the same man who was a regular on the Oprah Winfrey show. Although Trump has endorsed him as well, Senate rival Kathy Barnette recently hurled accusations against the doctor, claiming he was part of the WEF agenda and the great reset. 

During the U.S. Senate debate, as shown in the video below, Barnette used her time not to criticize their character or past but instead focused on the agendas that brought them to the stage. “At this moment, we need people who are going to be fighters. We don’t need people who are globalists. And the way that they have lived their lives and ran their business, and although I think you’re a magnanimous individual, but you and your corporation, McCormick, you are a part of the WEF, the World Economic Forum. You as well as you, Oz. They’re both part of the World Economic Forum. This is a very serious organization that has a mindset of pushing globalism and ESG environmental social governance.”

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Although presenting such evidence could be nothing more than a last effort to gain some points, in an interview with Dr. Oz, he was asked about the 2020 election that many believe was stolen from the American people. This is what he had to say. 

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Not saying the election was rigged, Dr. Oz even admitted he hadn’t watched the film 2000 Mules, which details how the presidential election was stolen. His excuse – “I have not seen the movie in part because I literally haven’t had a second. My wife, however, keeps nudging me to go watch the thing. Now she’s got it downloaded. The reality for me is 2020, under the cover of COVID, was a good example of how you should not run an election here in Pennsylvania. People are really worked up about it. I already said on the debate stage I was the first to say we cannot leave 2020 behind. We have to get under the hood, examine exactly what went down, and address those issues. And that means allowing the legislative branch here in Pennsylvania to finally do its job. It’s been blocked by the attorney general who was running for governor.” 

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As for the voting process, “there’s so many different things that happened as you really really examine it as a physician. You know, I like to get into the details. I’ve talked to individuals who say their votes were uncounted who went to the polls and claimed that someone had already voted with their absentee ballot. There’s so many questions, and not just about the absentee ballots. But the fact that we don’t have voter ID here has opened up the whole system, the mischievousness. We have got to understand the different ways where cheating occurs. We can, first of all, identify how much happened but also make sure that it never happens again. And the voter ID issue is critical here, David, because without voter ID, frankly, it’s impossible to tell.”

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