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What The Hell Is In The Flu Shots? Influenza “Vaccine Injuries Made Unprecedented Jump In 2020

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Prior to March, 2020, Alexa Golden was a perfectly healthy, active woman, living a normal life. But one month later, it had all started to fall apart. That April, she started to get impaired vision. She developed hallucinations. Ever since then, she has suffered from severe dizziness. She went to four different doctors and got four different MRIs, and none of them could find anything wrong with her brain or with the rest of her body.

And speaking of the rest of her body, Alexa is in pain all over it. She says it feels like needles are constantly poking into her skin, and the toes on her feet are constantly burning. On her skull, she feels a constant tingling sensation. On her back, there is a buzzing, a physical vibration she is able to feel.

So, Alexa’s life started to fall apart in April 2020. Must have been Covid, right? Wrong. On March 15, 2020, Alexa went and got a flu vaccine. That is when her life began to fall apart entirely.

Alexa contacted the producer of the vaccine she received to ask what its ingredients were. Instead of giving an answer, she says they told her to give a case number to her doctor, and have the doctor contact them. But the doctor wouldn’t tell Alexa the ingredients either. So now here Alexa is, with her life falling apart, and none of the medical “professionals” she trusts will tell her anything, except to “trust the science” apparently.

All of this was with a normal flu vaccine, by the way. Right now, they’re working on changing the flu shot to an mRNA vaccine, just like the ones they used for Covid. You can guess how well that is going to go, and now we know that the government wants to make these mandatory for everyone. That’s where we’ll be by 2024 if Doctor Fauci gets his way: Mandatory Covid shot and flu shot, every 6 months, from birth until your likely premature death.

Alexa Golden joins us.

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