With the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum taking place this week, the organization has garnered a great deal of attention thanks to their claims of what the future may look like and the harsh conclusion that the population will decrease significantly by that time. Even before their meeting that has already sparked controversy, founder Klaus Schwab sat down with reporters to discuss the 2022 meeting and what the theme would be.

He admitted, “I had numerous meetings here, just to get a feeling of what our political and business constituents expect, but we need a slogan. The slogan is “Working Together, Restoring Trust” because we feel that the accent should be on working together, generating an impact. And only the credibility of your working together comes from achieving results.”

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One of the main topics discussed this year was Climate Change. But while the WEF might be focused on fixing the Earth, one reporter found their words to be just that – words. 

In the video, which is featured below, Sophie Corcoran found the airstrip used by many members of the WEF. As mentioned above, the organization has been adamant about climate change and keeping the planet clean, but at the same time, members cruise around the world using private jets. Corcoran noted, “Hi folks, we are here at some airport that is the closest airport to Davos and it is a private jet airport. So this is where the attendees are most likely flying in from their respective countries today, to the World Economic Forum. We haven’t yet got the Australian flag on it, so it could be a jet from that country for their representatives. I mean, it’s just so hypocritical.”

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The journalist added, “They’re here lecturing us on climate change, telling us to eat bugs. Telling us that we can’t fly and we can’t go on holiday and we can’t drive diesel cars. We have to pay our way in green taxes and [they put] us all in poverty, and here they are in their diesel-burning private jets when they can all just jump on a commercial one…As usual, massive climate to hypocrites.”

As for Schwab, climate change is just one of several agendas that he believed would affect future generations. In January, when speaking about the COVID-19 pandemic and the fourth industrial revolution, he claimed, “I think the pandemic has very much accelerated some technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. We see it in the area of artificial intelligence, of course; we see it in the medical area, genetic area. I think one of the areas I’m particularly interested in is quantum computing; we see quite some progress.

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“The first concern is, since these technologies develop so fast and usually you need to create our own technologies, you need also policies to make sure that a technology is serving people and society. And the whole discussion we have now about social media and so on shows us that we need to regulate this technological progress. The danger of this pandemic is that governments are so absorbed by fighting the pandemic, so very little energy is left to really muster to create the necessary boundaries, to make sure the new technologies are really human-centered.”

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