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We wish the term RINO didn’t exist. But sadly, it’s necessary, because for as long as there have been Republicans, there have been cowards who are only looking out for their own power and wealth, and who will sell out their voters at the drop of a hat. And that’s happening again this week.

Every single Republican lawmaker claims to be pro-gun. They all claim that they will stand up for the Second Amendment. And for at least a quarter of them, it’s a cold 100% lie. Because on Tuesday, fourteen Republican Senators voted to team up with Democrats to stick a knife into the Second Amendment.

The piece of legislation they just voted for is the Democrats’ post-Uvalde bid to roll back gun rights nationwide. In the words of Yahoo News, this is, quote, “the most sweeping gun safety legislation passed by Congress in decades.”

It makes it harder to buy a gun if you’re under 21 years old. It makes it so if you’re convicted of even misdemeanor domestic violence – not a felony, just a misdemeanor – you lose the right to defend yourself for at least five years, and potentially for life. It forces basically every person who sells a gun to register at the federal level as a gun dealer.

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But all of these issues pale in comparison to the main one. The main reason this law is a complete atrocity, and offensive to everything we believe as conservatives, is what it does to promote so-called “red flag laws.” The bill will allocate $750 million to help states create and enforce their own “red flag” laws.

Red flag laws work by allowing the government to forcibly confiscate guns from any person they decide is a “threat,” to themselves or others. They don’t have to be convicted of any crime. They don’t have to be charged with a crime. The government just has to decide they’re a “threat.”

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You know and I know exactly how this will be used in every single Democratic jurisdiction. Did you protest against Covid lockdowns or vax mandates? You’re a threat. Fork over your guns. Have you campaigned for election integrity? Hand over the guns. Did you go out to defend businesses during some “mostly peaceful” protests? You’re a threat. Are you stuck in a child custody battle? Have you ever been to therapy for anything? Are you on any medications? All of those will be used to take away guns.

This isn’t a prediction, it’s a fact. If you hand the government the power to do whatever it wants as long as they say it’s about “safety,” then they will simply declare everything a matter of public safety so that they can do whatever they want. We’ve already seen this with global warming. The left always cites the “emergency” of global warming to justify abolishing democracy and giving themselves absolute control. 

So that’s what 14 GOP Senators just voted to do: Give left-wing activists and judges and bitter ex-girlfriends the power to take away your guns whenever they want. We’re going to read all those senators’ names right here, to make sure they aren’t forgotten. They are:

-Roy Blunt, in Missouri

-Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, from North Carolina

-Shelly Moore-Capito from West Virginia

-Bill Cassidy from Louisiana

-Susan Collins from Maine

-Joni Ernst from Iowa

-Lindsay Graham from South Carolina

-Lisa Murkowski from Alaska

-Rob Portman from Ohio

-John Cornyn from Texas

-Todd Young from Indiana

-Mitt Romey from Utah

-And of course, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky

The worst ones from that list, of course, are the ones who are from deep red states where their voter base is extremely pro-gun. It’s one thing if Susan Collins disappoints us; she at least is from a purple state so we take what we can get. But West Virginia voted for Trump by almost forty points. Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Louisiana, Utah – none of those states were close either.

So why did those senators vote to strip your constitutional rights? Simple: Because they are weaklings and traitors. Remember their names, and more importantly, remember to vote them out of office forever.

Bishop Leon Benjamin is running for Congress in Virginia’s 4th District. He’s also a U.S. Navy veteran and Senior Pastor at the New Life Harvest Church, as well as the founder of Coalition of Leaders United, a group dedicated to advancing conservative values and restoring America’s moral clarity.

Bishop Benjamin joins us.

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