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Adam Lowther is a Navy veteran and an expert on nuclear deterrence. He has a Ph.D in international relations. He’s also a survivor of our nation’s corrupt and horrifying CPS system. It’s one of the most horrifying stories of government abuse we’ve ever heard at this program, and if you’re a regular viewer you know that’s saying something.

Adam’s personal Hell started in summer 2017, when police showed up out of nowhere and claimed they were taking his daughter away to be interrogated by a therapist, because she had supposedly told her kindergarten teacher she had been sexually abused. Adam and his wife Jessica were not even told the nature of the allegations; they were only told that their daughter was going to be taken away and there was nothing they could do about it.

Adam himself was arrested and spent ten days in jail. But that was only the beginning. In the end, Adam wouldn’t see his children for seven months.

Only later did Adam and his wife learn that the alleged abuse was reported by a teacher who had known their daughter for only eight days. The Lowthers had been concerned with this teacher’s lack of proper spelling, and had wanted to move their daughter into another class. The teacher somehow heard that the Lowthers were unhappy, and soon enough this alleged abuse came out of nowhere.

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Of course, there was no abuse. At least, not until the authorities got their hands on Adam’s children. At just 4 years old, his daughter was taken away from her family, and then denied dinner, and said she could only get food and water if she allowed the authorities to interrogate her. The interrogation of this four year old lasted for two hours, and she was asked the same question twenty-two times. Later, she had to undergo two separate sexual abuse examinations, which involved nurses probing and investigating her private parts.

Within three days, the local paper heard about the story, and ran Adam’s mugshot next to the headline “Nuke Expert at Kirtland Accused of Raping 4-Year-Old Girl.” He lost his job and his security clearance, and wasn’t allowed to return to his own home even after he was released from jail.

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Adam and Jessica’s children were placed in foster care, not only away from their parents but away from each other. Their son was so traumatized that during this period he met with a school counselor 55 times and threatened to kill himself. He was seven at the time.

Neither of the Lowthers was ever convicted of a single crime. In fact, the state never even brought a case to trial. But Adam had to spend more than $300,000 fighting the charges and getting his kids back, and that’s not even counting all the damage suffered by losing his career and reputation.

But the teacher who made malicious and false allegations against the Lowthers has suffered no consequences at all. In fact, what she did isn’t even illegal: Making false reports to CPS in New Mexico was and remains completely legal.

Adam is fighting to change that. He’s also suing the state of New Mexico for everything that happened to his family. He joins us now.

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