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Unbelievable, incredible news today out of Washington. You’ve almost certainly heard already. Roe v. Wade, the most evil court decision ever made in this country – more evil than Obergefell, more evil than Dred Scott – is dead. It’s a 6-3 decision, with the majority decision written by Justice Samuel Alito. It’s basically the same decision that leaked two months ago.

Quote: “We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled. The Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision.” Unquote.

The Court held firm. Against two months of intimidation and threats and assassination plots, they held firm. This is the culmination of five decades of work by the pro-life movement. Fifty years of prayer outside clinics. Fifty years of March for Life rallies on the Mall. Fifty years of work by the Federalist Society to get pro-life justices onto our nation’s courts. Fifty years of making sure that wobbly Republicans stood with us rather than betraying us. Fifty years of struggle and setbacks, where we had to pick ourselves up and keep fighting after it seemed like all was lost.

I’ll be honest. I never thought I’d live to see this day. But just like God blessed Simeon by letting him live to see the birth of the Savior, God has blessed all of us by letting us live to see this day. Politics is almost always disappointing. Elections don’t go the way you want, or even worse, you win the elections but the people you elected betray you. It’s rare to get exactly what you want. But today, we had a miracle. That’s what this is. In a country with so much evil everywhere, only the providence of Almighty God can explain the victory we won today. The nine justices of the Supreme Court are all imperfect individuals, but today God let himself speak through six of them. Roe is dead. We can protect babies in this country again. The half-century shadow over this country has been dispelled.

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But remember, and this is crucial: While today is a great and historic victory, the battle does not end today. In fact, it will become even fiercer. Abortion is Satanic, and all the demonic forces in America will be out in full force after this. We might see violence against churches, against pregnancy centers, and against pro-life organizations. We have to be ready to protect them. In fact, all of you this weekend should consider volunteering to protect places in your own town. Do a shift at a church this Sunday, or spend a few hours outside a pregnancy center tonight.

And be sure to pray a lot too. The six judges who signed off on this ruling will all be targets. We’ve already had an extremist try to murder Brett Kavanaugh over the leaked decision. Now, the situation will be ten times worse, a hundred times worse. And remember, if one of them is killed, the media and Democrat party will defend and even celebrate it. That’s how demonic they have become. Every one of these justices is marked. We have to pray that God will protect each one of them.

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But the fight will go long beyond this weekend, and our enemies aren’t just antifa terrorists. Abortion is the central sacrament of liberalism. They will do anything to get it back. No institution in America is safe. They’ll try to pack the Supreme Court, or gut its powers. We have to be prepared for the political battle of a lifetime. This fall’s election matters more than ever. We have to send the message that the pro-life vote is stronger than ever before and that we are staying in this fight forever. We aren’t packing up and going home.

We also have to watch out for our fellow Republicans too. Remember, today’s ruling doesn’t ban abortion. All it does is leave abortion up to the states. So instead of a single fight at the national level on abortion, we now have fifty separate fights at the state level.

For fifty years, Republicans could use Roe v. Wade as an excuse. They could refuse to pass pro-life laws by saying it was a waste of time, because the courts would just strike them down and cost taxpayers money. Now, that excuse is dead and buried. In every state, we need to be pressuring our lawmakers to protect the unborn. In red states, that will mean passing tougher bans. In blue states, they’ll be coming up with truly demonic legislation to try and get around this. You might literally see California and New York passing laws to fly girls into their states just to get abortions. We have to fight those bills too. We can’t just let blue states destroy themselves like we do on other issues, because here, human lives are at stake.

Remember that after the Resurrection, the apostles were still tasked with spreading the faith and the Good News around the world. It didn’t go well for them. Almost all of them died as martyrs. This is going to be a long and hard fight. I don’t want to sugarcoat that.

But we can also enjoy and celebrate and praise God for today’s victory. Savor it, because today we can truly say – God Bless America.

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