Since last month, the Democrats and Biden administration has constantly warned about the dangers of the Supreme Court potentially overturning Roe v. Wade. While the leaked document showed the Justices ruling against the historic case. The Democrats have consistently promoted the idea that abortion would become illegal if overturned. It should be noted that abortion would not be illegal nationwide as it would be become a state issue. Still, both Democrats and liberal activists have taken to the streets to defend the right to have an abortion. The only problem, it appears that the same right they are marching for doesn’t extend past a woman’s body. 

In the video, which can be watched below, a man decided to join the protest and ask them some simple questions. Although it was obvious that all the activists supported abortion, when it came to the right to deny the COVID-19 drug, they surprisingly had a different opinion. The question even dumbfounded one woman. “It’s important for bodily autonomy, the same rights men have always had. We just want equal rights. The right to govern our own bodies, just like men have always had. It’s that simple.” As for the COVID-19 drug, “It’s irrelevant. One of them is going to be in a pandemic state. Right, a state of emergency, which we all know laws change during a state of emergency.”

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When asked about the statement, My Body My Choice, another woman stated, “bodily autonomy is a human right. Healthcare is a human right. Access to health care should not be something that is dictated by the Supreme Court”. Again, when asked about COVID-19, the woman said, “It’s a difficult conversation.”

Asking numerous people throughout the protest answers to the COVID-19 my body, my choice question was: 

  • “We’ve been mandated to get vaccines for years and years and years to do support in that situation. People not having control of their bodies.” 
  • “Vaccinations are good for people. They don’t have to get it. They just can’t go anywhere. Do anything right. You don’t have a right to a job.”

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And approaching one person, she declared, “I’m not doing that.” 

Users online shared their thoughts, writing, ‘Oh, they are so sure of their bodily autonomy when it comes to abortion, but totally get flustered and confused when it flipped on them regarding vaccine mandates…LOL – Great Job, Dude!”

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Another one explained, “I’d still like someone to explain how abortion is about saving lives. The one libtard in this video said the vaccines were about saving lives but doesn’t realize that abortion is taking a life? One of the central themes of the murder cult is that abortion saves lives. They just can’t tell us how.”

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