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Abortion Activists Strip Down To ‘Bloody’ Granny Panties, Disrupt Joel Osteen’s Mega Church Sermon [VIDEO]

HOUSTON, TX – Abortion activists interrupted [1] Pastor Joel Osteen’s service at Lakewood Church on Sunday by stripping down to their underwear and shouting “My body, my choice.”

One of the activists filmed the incident inside the church, with the camera starting on the Pastor and congregation. A woman wearing a dress suddenly pulls it off over her head and shouts, “It’s my body, my fucking choice!”

Another woman next to her strips off her dress and yells, “Overturn Roe? Hell no!” A third woman strips down as well and other people near them join in shouting things like “my body, my choice” and hold up what appear to be pro-abortion flags.

“I am who I say I am, I do what I say I can do because I have a choice,” one woman yells.

While men start to escort the women out by pressing their hands on the women’s bare back, the pastor appears to say something about being happy to have the women in the House of God, which is met by loud applause from the congregation.

Three of these activists stripped before being escorted out of the megachurch’s sanctuary Sunday morning, and they met with several other activists once they were taken outside of the church.

The women had green handprints fingerpainted across their bras, and it’s unclear what the meaning of the prints were.

Outside the church, large banners read “Abortion on demand & without apology, “Forced motherhood is female enslavement,” and, of course, “My body, my choice.”

Watch the incident unfold on the video below.

It’s also unclear why this specific church was targeted, though presumably it had something to do with the large attendance of the megachurch and the potential for media coverage.

This demonstration, of course, comes with the potential for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade, the 1973 decision that essentially legalized abortion following a leaked draft opinion on the matter.

Since that time, as Red Voice Media has reported, pregnancy centers across the nation have been targeted with vandalism [2] and violence and protests have broken out at multiple locations, to include the homes of Supreme Court Justices [3]. Despite this, Justice Clarence Thomas said publicly that the Court will not be “bullied” [4] by abortion advocates into making a decision one way or another.

While the left, including politicians like Nancy Pelosi [5] and Elizabeth Warren [6], falsely claim that overturning the case would make abortion illegal, the truth is that the decision on the legality of abortion would actually fall to the states instead of being a national matter, just as was intended originally by the Constitution (i.e. if the Constitution doesn’t mention something, then that something becomes a decision of the individual states).

Even so, approximately 26 states [7] either have legislation in place or would bring about legislation for some type of abortion ban in their state.