When it comes to hot topics in America, like transgender rights, abortion, and gun control, it appears that there is no room for comedy. Just over the last year, comedian Dave Chappelle was not only criticized for jokes he made about the transgender community, but he was even attacked while performing on stage.

With comedy surrounding politics becoming a sensitive topic, another comedian and social media star, Alex Stein decided to double down on his jokes pertaining to anything remotely political. He has infiltrated council meetings dressed as a girl, and sang an entire song about gas prices. Garnering a sizable following, Stein was performing at a sold out show when he decided to take a trip outside and meet with protesters. 

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On Sunday, Stein was scheduled to perform at The Stand comedy club in New York City. Again, his show was sold out. Not wanting protesters to miss out on meeting him, Stein, as can be seen in the video below, filmed himself outside with a group that flashed signs reading, “Bigots aren’t welcome,” and “Alex Stein bullies queer folk.”

Soaking up the stardom, the comedian declared that the group loved him. Take a look. 

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Being sure to wish the protesters a long and healthy life, Stein was met with hate as one person yelled that he hoped the comedian died, adding “I hope you choke on a trans girl’s dick.” Due to the show being sold out, protesters were not able to gain entry into the event that was also promoted as “anti-vax.” 

Talking to The Daily Caller, Stein admitted that the show was perfect, adding, “It’s just interesting that they organized against me. It was awesome!” 

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Although not all of his supporters could be there, users online were sure to throw Stein some love with comments like:

  • “Alex Stein is a savage. I love how he handled these lunatics! Ridicule and mockery with friendliness.”
  • “Brilliant! If they really believed the signs they hold, they’d show their faces. They are ashamed of who they are. Be proud of your arts and crafts!”
  • “Oh my gosh you are hilarious. I actually am happy for you that you got your very own protestors.”
  • “Oh my gosh. That dude behind the sign has grandma there telling him it’s time to get home and feed the cats for 45 minutes. Lololol”
  • “Play nice Alex, love your neighbor first. But you’re right, you are making an impact. Make sure the impact is a fruitful one, lead with humor, kindness, love, righteousness and humility.”

While Stein might be the subject of harassment and threats from protestors, the comedian has created a massive following with over 167,000 subscribers on YouTube alone. When combining his entire social media presence, Stein has millions of followers. 

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