While America watched as Johnny Depp won his day in court, another trial took place in D.C. that most people had no idea was happening. It surrounded the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton accused former President Donald Trump of working alongside the Russian government to rig the election.

Now, almost six years later, Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Michael Sussmann, was found not guilty of lying to the FBI about the claims against Trump. Given the evidence brought against Sussmann and the Democrats, many on the right have suggested that the Democrats control D.C. and the juries. 

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Discussing Sussmann being found not guilty and what it means for the justice system, Dan Bongino pointed out the difference between how Sussmann was treated and how the same system vilified Michael Flynn. The only difference between the two is Flynn was a National Security Advisor to the Trump administration. Yet, he was arrested and even pleaded guilty for supposedly talking about sanctions to the Russian ambassador. Take a look.

Appearing with Bongino was Stephen Miller, a Senior Advisor to the Trump administration. He noted, “The Russia hoax is 100 times Watergate. The greatest political scandal in American history where you had the deep intelligence state trying to overthrow, in collusion with the Democratic Party, the duly elected President of the United States. And one of the reasons they felt that they could do this was because they knew the jury pools in Washington DC are the most partisan anti-Republican pro-Democrat jury pool in the USA. This is unsustainable for justice in America to have a system where the guiltiest Democrat, guilty as sin, can walk away under any circumstance for any crime scot-free. But a Republican, as innocent as can possibly be, can face potentially a life in jail. That is not compatible with the survival of democracy in America.”

Admitting that the FBI should have no affiliation with either party, Bongino asked, “what is it going to take? I don’t want conservative FBI agents. I don’t want liberal FBI agents. I don’t want liberal or conservative juries. I want people who take their position seriously, regardless of their politics. And Steven, I did that. I protected Democrat and Republican Presidents. I never once said, ‘oh, let’s do a worse job because this is a Democrat.’ Is this fixable from someone who’s seen it from the inside?”

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The former advisor to Trump explained, “It is fixable, but it’s going to require drastic reform. Let me give you three quick things. One we all know about. If House Republicans take the majority, they need to use that subpoena power like nothing you’ve ever seen before in your entire life. And when those subpoenas are violated, as they inevitably will be, a future Department of Justice under Republican leadership needs to enforce them. Second, this is also very important. We need to completely reform the FBI from top to bottom. And third, we need to reform the rules for how trials are held in D.C. So that there are fair trials. New statutes have to be passed to make the trial system in D.C. more fair with rules of how juries are selected and rules where evidence is omitted. That is all doable.”

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