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Ashley Biden Was Molested By Joe Biden: Diary Should Be Used As Evidence In Criminal Trial

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We all remember the Hunter Biden laptop story from two years ago, despite the Deep State and deep Media’s best efforts to kill it. But even on the right a lot of people forget that Hunter wasn’t the only messed-up Biden child whose scandalous private life was covered up by the press.

 Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley is a drug addict. During one of her stays in a halfway house, she kept a diary where she recorded her private thoughts. Ashley left that diary behind by mistake, which a woman found and eventually sold to Project Veritas. In that diary, Ashley wrote about being a sex addict, a condition she says might be related to taking showers with her dad at a very young age. Ashley wrote that she was “hyper-sexualized” even as a young girl. She also wrote about constant affairs, massive drug abuse, and being totally broke thanks to her self-destructive lifestyle.

 At this point, it’s 100% confirmed that Ashley’s diary is real. In a sane society, our press would talk about its revelations. The current White House occupant isn’t just a creepy shoulder-stroker and hair sniffer. He might literally be a child molester. That should be discussed.

 Of course, in a sane society, we also would have thrown Hunter Biden in prison a long time ago, instead of having our elites pretend that he’s a great businessman and artist.

 So no, we’re not getting an investigation of Ashley Biden’s childhood molestation. Instead, chairman Biden had sicced the FBI on the woman who found Ashley’s diary.

 Aimee Harris has herself struggled with drug addiction. She found Ashley’s diary because she herself was the next inhabitant of the halfway house. And right now, she has the FBI harassing her for selling the diary to Project Veritas.

 Let’s pause for a moment and think: Let’s concede that, even after being abandoned by Ashley Biden, the diary was still her property and selling it was a form of theft. Even if we concede that, how is that an FBI matter? How is this anything but petty theft for local police to worry about? You know the answer, of course. It’s an FBI matter because this is about political retribution. It’s about using the vast power of the federal government to target and take out people who have embarrassed Chairman Biden. And that’s why the FBI will spend countless hours investigating this case, and try to send a recovering addict to prison for it, while totally ignoring Hunter Biden taking millions from Ukraine and China while partying with prostitutes.

 Patrick Howley is a senior reporter with National File. He also was the first reporter to break the story of Ashley Biden’s diary, back when everybody else was lying and calling it fake. He joins us now.

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