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Ashli Babbitt’s Murder Exposes The January 6 Show Trial – Broken Down With Aaron Babbitt & Rogan O’Handley [VIDEO]

On January 6th, 2021, Ashli Babbitt was killed by Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd. Despite initial reports of an ‘armed insurrection,’ Ashli, a peaceful protester, was the only person shot that day. As you probably know by now, this incident has been completely covered up by Capitol Police Officers, the FBI, DOJ, and the Democrats behind Trump’s second and third impeachment hearings (otherwise known as the ⅙ Committee).

Last week, Liz Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, and their crisis actors let out crocodile tears while repeating their same old cliches about ‘protecting democracy’ and the ‘peaceful transition of power.’ If I stole a Presidential Election, I would be pushing for a peaceful transition of power too!

Ashli Babbitt’s now widowed husband, Aaron Babbitt, joined One America News to express his frustration with the phony investigations and moral grandstanding of the wicked actors involved in covering up the murder of his wife. He said elsewhere that he would not be watching the hearings and would be watching his grass grow instead. He certainly made the right decision.

In this interview with Rogan O’Handley, Aaron gives details on his wife’s four tours she served in the United States Air Force to Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, and Iraq. After that, Ashli went on to serve in D.C. National Guard. He shares that the most support his family has received is from law enforcement across the country, who know that they could NEVER use lethal force like that and get away with it without being investigated or going to trial.

Aaron also points out that the instigators in the crowd who broke the window Ashli climbed through were never arrested by the FBI. On top of that, the hallway where this shooting happened apparently has NO surveillance footage, unlike every other corner of D.C. Apparently, there is audio of Ashli yelling at the people breaking windows and telling them to stop. Who knows why she climbed through the window? As her husband said, they should have asked her that when they detained her on the other side. There was no good reason to use lethal force.

The interviewer asks to learn more about Ashli and what she would want to tell the American people if she were here today. Aaron pointed out the consequences of elections and the double standard of Justice in ⅙ cases where rioters from BLM and Antifa are able to burn down businesses and attack innocent people with no consequences. At the same time, peaceful protesters are being killed and jailed for political reasons.

Ashli Babbitt was a Patriot and a hero to everyone who knows the truth about that day. We will continue to pray that her family receives Justice and that the thug who killed her, Michael Byrd, sees his day in court.