UKRAINE – According to a report from Infowars, the Ukrainian government decided to permanently ban the country’s main political opposition party, as well as seizing all of the assets associated with said political party.

Back in March, Red Voice Media reported on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky enacting martial law within the country that imposed a temporary ban on the Opposition Platform – For Life.

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For the sake of context, the Opposition Platform – For Life political party served as the second-highest polling political party in Ukraine, with Zelensky’s move in March also suspending the activities of ten other political parties in the country.

The rationale for the suspension imposed this past March of course relates to the active conflict with Russia, with the Zelenksy administration citing that Opposition Platform – For Life and other political parties in the country bear ties with Russia.

Flash forward to this past May, President Zelensky signed into law a piece of legislation that introduced new amendments to afford more leeway to outright ban a political party from existing in Ukraine. Specifically, the law would allow Ukraine (or more appropriately, Zelensky) to ban any political party that either justify, recognizes it as being lawfully permitted, or deny the existence of armed aggression taking place against Ukraine.

In a report from Kyiv-based NGO the HONEST Movement, Ukraine’s Eighth Administrative Court of Appeals upheld the move to permanently oust the Opposition Platform – For Life on June 20th, noting that the political party’s assets have since been transferred to Ukraine.

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Back in May, the political party’s leader, Viktor Medvedchuk, was placed on house arrest in Ukraine.

When not banning political parties or arresting those party leaders, Zelensky is also trying to have European citizens who dare criticize his leadership arrested.

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Back in May, a popular YouTuber by the name of Anatoly Shariy was arrested in Spain at the behest of the Ukrainian government for being critical of Zelensky. In a statement released by the Ukrainian Security Service, they rejoiced over Shariy’s arrest as being “proof that every traitor of Ukraine will sooner or later receive his well-deserved punishment. It is inevitable.”

Shariy’s, who is being held in Barcelona, faces extradition to Ukraine where he will “face a Ukrainian court and will be held liable in line with Ukrainian laws,” according to Zelensky’s representative at the Constitutional Court.

These actions are coming from the country under Zelenksy’s leadership that President Joe Biden claimed on March 26th while in Poland is engaged in a “perennial struggle for democracy and freedom.”

Banning political parties, seizing their assets, jailing those parties’ leadership, and having people arrested in other countries for being critical of the party in power’s leadership is quite the opposite of anything resembling democracy.

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