Not even looking at the problems currently facing the Biden administration, President Joe Biden has had an interesting time within the White House due to his unusual antics. There were the numerous speeches that he botched, the fake White House set built for him, shaking hands with an imaginary person, the famous stumble trying to board Air Force One, and now, it appears he can’t enjoy a simple bike ride. Already going viral, clips of President Biden falling off of his bike while trying to speak with people have been viewed millions of times. Not to mention the jokes and memes that have been made. But while Americans laugh about the incident, not many are talking about his comments on China. 

After regaining his composer and getting back on the bike, President Biden was asked if he had made a decision on the tariffs currently against China. Not willing to give too many details as Biden is scheduled to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping soon, the President did admit that a decision was being drafted. He was sure to add that he was ready to go but was waiting. What made President’s Biden words so interesting was the fact he kept mentioning “we” but never explained who the “we” were. Take a look. 

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Given Biden’s background with speeches and Americans questioning his mental capacity, theories have circulated that Amtrak Joe was nothing more than a puppet being used by the Democrats. There were rumors that former President Barack Obama was actually working behind the scenes at the White House, but that has never been confirmed. Still, with Biden coming under so much criticism, his comments about a “we” have led to a resurgence in claims against him. 

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Looking past theories and claims, Fox News’s Lucas Tomlinson discussed the President falling, but more importantly, how his own party might be looking for a change in the upcoming 2024 Presidential election. “As the price of gasoline has skyrocketed across the country, Biden’s poll numbers have plummeted. His approval rating has sunk to 39%, with nearly half of Americans strongly disapproving of his job performance. According to a new USA Today Suffolk poll, only 16% of Americans strongly approve of the job he’s doing. That’s less than two in 10. Nearly three-quarters of the country thinks the US is on the wrong track. And nearly half of Democrats in the country are on the wrong track as well. If you recall, last week, the New York Times reported an increasing number of Democrats thinking Biden is an anchor that should be cut loose and say he should not run for re-election in 2024. With gas prices spiking and a trip to Saudi Arabia planned next month, many Americans want Biden to call for ramped up oil production here in the United States.”

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