Just a few days ago, Joe Biden made headlines and captivated the internet when he tried to dismount his bike and took a nasty fall while vacationing in Delaware. What many didn’t know was why the President was trying to get off his bike in the first place, especially when the First Lady Jill Biden took a different path than her husband. One Twitter user noted that Biden was stopping to speak with a young child that was standing with the crowd. The user claimed, “Joe Biden crashed yesterday because he was so excited to see a small girl in the crowd that he couldn’t remember how to get his feet out of the pedals.”

While some might believe the comments to be nothing more than an attack on the Biden administration, it appears the President continues his vacation by walking on the beach, and guess what – speaking with kids. 

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Spending the day at the beach can be both relaxing and enjoyable when one is on vacation, but for President Biden, he seemed more focused on walking through the sand, stopping whenever he noticed a child nearby. Elijah Schaffer of The Blaze tweeted a photo of the President meeting a young girl. He captioned, “Keep an eye on your kids or someone else will.”

Joining in on the conversation, one Trump supporter going by the handle “Machiavelli Memez” decided to upload a video, which can be watched above, merging President Biden with Shark Week. Take a look. 

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Again, some might view these comments as just trolling, but Fox News’ Jesse Watters recently spoke about contents found within Ashley Biden’s diary. “Ashley Biden wrote in her diary that she had been hyper sexualized as a child, quote, ‘I remember having sex with friends at a young age and showers with my dad’, adding quote, ‘probably not appropriate.’ No wonder the feds have been knocking down the doors of journalists literally. They’re desperately trying to get their hands on this thing.”  

With the video having circulated the internet, comments included: 

  • “She distracted him just enough to stop creepy Biden from trying to kiss that little girl on the lips.. “
  • “That’s the daughter he showered with that had the diary. She knew what could happen because she’s been through it”
  • “He’s not stupid politically, when his weasel brain functioned. But today’s Biden either believes all his loyal subjects love him or he’s only operating on lizard (shark?) brain.”
  • “Did you see Joe pinch the skin on the back of the girl’s arm in eagerness to get her within sniffing range” 

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While unconfirmed, there are rumors going around D.C. that those close to the President have advised him to stay away from children, yet it seems as one person wrote, “He simply can’t help himself.”

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