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When World War 1 broke out, almost everybody expected it to be a short war. The war started in August, and the German kaiser told his men they would be home before the leaves fell from the trees. Almost nobody expected the war to last beyond Christmas.

 But they were all horribly wrong. World War 1 ground on for more than four years. It killed ten million soldiers, and another ten million civilians. It ripped apart European society. It brought us Communist Russia, and eventually its aftereffects brought us Nazi Germany as well. In a lot of ways, you could say that Western Civilization peaked just before 1914, and it has never recovered.

If any country involved in the war knew what the outcome was going to be, none of them would have fought it, not even the supposed winners.

 Right now, Europe is fighting another war, this time in Ukraine. It’s the largest European war since World War 2 eighty years ago. Once again, everybody expected the war to be a short one, over in a matter of days or weeks. But here we are, four months later, and there’s no end in sight to the conflict. Tens of thousands of people have died, and chances are tens of thousands more will die before it’s all over. Maybe hundreds of thousands.

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The Biden Administration has basically written a blank check to have us fund the war for as long as it takes. They’re pushing Ukraine into complete destruction, and ultimately it will likely cost us hundreds of billions of dollars. It’s like repeating Afghanistan all over again. And along the way, we’re going cause a global food and energy crisis and crash the global economy as part of the bargain.

 All of this, to protect a Ukrainian government that is corrupt and undemocratic in the best of times, and basically served as the Biden family’s personal piggy bank.

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And now, it seems, it might be even worse than that. Thanks to all of the pro-Ukraine propaganda we have, a lot of people ran off to Ukraine to volunteer with the Ukrainian forces.

Now, there are videos online suggesting that the Azov Battalion may have killed American mercenaries fighting alongside them in Mariupol, and then cremated them to try and hide the evidence they were ever there, either to avoid a diplomatic incident or to avoid lowering morale if they were publicly captured.

 Edward Szall joins us with more on this story.

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