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CBS News Fact Checkers Caught On Camera: It’s True Because We Said It’s True – ‘Money Over Morals’ [VIDEO]

Since the 2016 election, news outlets and tech companies have considered themselves to be the gatekeepers of fact and truth. It was outlets like CNN and MSNBC that helped support the narrative that former President Donald Trump was working alongside the Russian government to rig the election. The same outlets also suggested that Hunter Biden’s laptop was nothing more than Russian propaganda.

Although proven wrong numerous times, these supposed “news” channels continue to support the censorship of what they deem to be disinformation. But recently, Project Veritas sat down with Mike Mulford of CBS News and discussed what it actually means to fact check sources when working for the mainstream media. 

In the video, which is featured below,  the CEO of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe confronted Mulford. “Hey Mike Milford, you’re with CBS News. This is James O’Keefe with Project Veritas. This seat taken? The discipline of verification is what separates journalism from all other forms of communications that is propaganda. Advertising fiction or entertainment. The society of professional journalists say you need multiple sources for verification. But you’re on tape saying you use your own company, CBS News to fact check.”

While it is difficult to make out what Mulford was saying, he did admit, “I’ll just Google like whatever and then like CBS and if there’s a CBS article about it and I’m like great, verified.” 

After O’Keefe questioned him again, the CBS employee claimed that they did check their sources, but it wasn’t out of the norm to use a CBS article to help push the story. The CEO added, “You don’t say that. Again the society of professional journalists, you need multiple sources for verification. That’s what separates journalism from propaganda.”

Although admitting to how CBS fact checks their news, Mulford said, “The civil duty that I kind of thought that I was going to get out of it and like the reward of telling people what’s going on. I just haven’t.”

Users online shared their opinions, writing, “If that dude worked as a cook in a restaurant, he seems like he’d be the guy that would accidentally drop your steak on the floor while taking it off the grill, and then he’d pick it up, put it on your plate and then send it out to you without a second thought. Lazy is as lazy does, and commie is as commie does.”

Another person noted, “Great work! These “journalists” and “fact checkers” have NO journalistic integrity, NO morals! They’re rotten to the core and they have ZERO awareness of the damage they’ve caused this Nation!”

And one put, “James O’Keefe always make my day. spreading the pain those fake news outlets caused and keep causing, but it is priceless to see their jaws drop when they are caught with the lie and can’t escape, especially from O’keefe. Great Job!!!.”