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Colbert’s Insurrection On The Capitol Gets Hilariously Destroyed In One Of Tucker’s Best Segments [VIDEO]

Last Thursday, after the Democrats were finished with their January 6th committee hearings for the day, a group of seven staffers working for late-night host Stephen Colbert were caught and arrested for entering the Capitol building. Given that the Democrats have used the last year to push the narrative that the January 6th riot was a direct attack on democracy, Republicans were shocked when the staffers didn’t receive the same treatment. Again, with the January 6th protesters standing trial and behind bars, a group of Colbert staffers simply entered the building with the help of Democrats like Representative Adam Schiff, and it seems nothing came of it. 

Trying to comprehend the entire situation and supposedly how close America was to being overthrown, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, as can be seen in the video below, detailed where he was on “6/16”. “As we were speaking on the air at that very moment, a team of seven saboteurs had entered the Capitol grounds and then proceeded, as saboteurs do, to breach the Capitol itself. Inside those hallowed grounds, within the very womb of democracy, these wreckers began their hunt for sitting members of Congress. That happened, ladies and gentlemen, and if it sounds shocking to you, it gets more harrowing from there.”

The host continued, “This was not some spontaneous outbreak of insurrection. No, this was a meticulously planned coup from afar. The group in the Capitol was under the direct control of an extremist called Stephen Colbert, who, as a white man, is by definition a white extremist. This white extremist, Stephen Colbert, had a fifth column within the Capitol to help him pull off his diabolical plan.”

Using Colbert’s own words against him, Carlson explained, “Now, the man who controlled this attempted coup, Stephen Colbert, knew exactly what he was doing. He knew the stakes. He knew the crimes he was committing, and we know that because just last year, this white extremist, Stephen Colbert, explained that grown men who unlawfully enter the Capitol to harass sitting members of Congress are not pranksters. They’re not protesters. They’re domestic terrorists.”

Carlson also warned, “These are domestic terrorists. Stephen Colbert, in what the literary community refers to as foreshadowing, described his own coup, and yet Stephen Colbert somehow still has access to the airwaves and to digital media, spreading his hate unfettered, convincing future generations of insurrectionists to do what his team of saboteurs did last week. That must stop. People who plan coups must be silenced.”

As for Colbert, he spoke about the incident, saying, “The Capitol police were just doing their job, my staff was just doing their job, everyone was very professional, everyone was very calm. My staffers were detained, processed, and released. A very unpleasant experience for my staff.”