Being a massive supporter of the film 2000 Mules and uncovering the truth behind the 2020 Presidential election, Catherine Engelbrecht has used every opportunity to speak with Americans about the dangers of election fraud. Not only showcased in 2000 Mules, but Engelbrecht also founded the True The Vote organization, hoping to stop Democrats from rigging future elections.

And while Engelbrecht has helped expose the election fraud, it appears that the movement to keep the entire process fair and accurate continues to grow. 

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In the video, featured below, Sheriff Mark Lamb and Engelbrecht announced a new partnership. Engelbrecht stated, “Today, we are announcing a partnership between our two organizations, as we launched, a national effort to educate citizens, equip sheriffs, and protect our elections.”

The sheriff added, “Our vote is a sacred privilege, it’s our opportunity to voice our opinion to our government. That’s why we’re kicking off this effort today, bringing citizens and sheriffs together around the country to help preserve our vote, and that our voice be heard loud and clear.”

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In a separate video with just Lamb, the sheriff declared, “We need law and order in America. Our borders are overrun. Crime is taking over our cities and progressives want to take our guns. American sheriffs are the last line of defense, and we refuse to lose hope. That’s why we started Protect America Now. We are an organization that stands with sheriffs and freedom loving Americans from across this country. Together, we are fighting back against the liberal takeover. We are calling out the ridiculous lies in the fake news. And we are pushing back against an overreaching government that wants to make America less safe, less secure, and less free. We can’t do this alone.”

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As for the site,, their action plan to protect voters included five steps. They are:

  1. Connecting citizens with sheriffs – Voters are understandably confused by constantly changing election rules and increasingly frustrated by lack of leadership. Put simply, they don’t know where to turn should the election processes break down. Our goal is to unite citizens and their sheriffs to work together, ensuring the real voice of America’s vote is heard loud and clear. 
  2. Empowering sheriffs – We will provide local Sheriffs with the training, resources and tools to have real-time eyes on voting in their county. Our goal is to provide Sheriffs with crucial information from around the country that includes: Providing information on election laws specific to their state. Developing a grants function to provide technology and support for visibility into allegations of violations as reported throughout their county. Best practices to support citizens and uphold election integrity.
  3. Open lines of communications – We’ve set up a National Election Integrity Voter Hotline to help citizens in getting information and reporting problems. The hotline will be connected to sheriffs’ offices for quick evaluation of incoming information. It will go live on August 1, 2022.
  4. Promote public service messages – Starting August 1, 2022 we will begin an informational campaign to educate voters state-by-state through multiple mediums, including television, online and radio. Our efforts will include press conferences in key states with County Sheriffs to raise visibility around election integrity.
  5. Join our effort – Join us in building positive relationships between voters and their sheriffs to help defend election integrity in 2022. Sign up for updates, connect with your local sheriff, and consider a donation to assist us in supporting local law enforcement efforts to defend election integrity. Contributions will be used to help develop and push informational content surrounding voting integrity across the country, and also help provide local sheriffs with resources that best support them.

Sheriff Lamb was sure to conclude, “And remember, regardless of your party, we all love this country, and there’s nothing more important than defending your vote. Let’s do this.”

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